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[Lai-Ning]Sweet Dreams

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((Uhh...there's some kind of...gory stuff in here. Beware!))

The house was dark and still, reeking of death and decay...

I made my way downstairs, paws clenching against my rising dread.

"You've been through this before, Lai-Ning." I whispered.

"You wake up, and go downstairs..."

The floorboards creaked underpaw as I made my way through the front room.

"And...and she'll be gone..all curled up and small in her chair..."

Trembling, I approached the old rocking chair.

"Like you've dreamed about almost every night since it happened. Because that's what this is, another dream..."

There she was. I blinked away the tears, a sob hitching in my throat as I stroked her cold cheek.

"...oh G'ma..."

Something moved under my fingertips.


Her face sagged before bursting, maggots tumbling down her front as hordes of flies buzzed from her ruined eyes. I staggered backwards, retching from the smell of rotted meat.

"No! No! This isn't right! This isn't my dream!"

"Isn't it, Lai?"

I froze, shaking, at the familiar voices.

"...gods...please no..."

The Fireclaw sisters slipped out from the corners of the room, stumbling and twitching.

"There's nothing to be suprised about..." Jia-Lian managed to rasp out, blood and bile oozing from the horrid gash across her throat. She clenched at the dagger still buried in her chest, poison hissing as it dripped to the floor.

"After all.." Jun-Lei stuttered to a halt as another jolt of lightning coursed through her. Her fur fell away as her charred flesh split open wider, pus and blood seeping from the open wound. "...This is how you imagine it...right..?"

I pressed my paws to my mouth, whirling to gaze at the rest of the room.

Everybody was there. Ever one of them dead.

...Henii...Jor...Alynore...Scott...Lu...Qingling...everybody I know and love.

Faces frozen in agony. Missing limbs, horrid gashes, disease...

"..Just like.."
"..Your fears.."

I backed away as the group advanced.

"No! No! Not like this! I don't want -any- of this to happen!"

A large set of paws settled on my shoulders, and I almost sobbed in relief as I turned to Gozo.

"..But, Little Lai..."

He leaned down to stare at me, shaggy fur dark with blood as it poured from his open skull.

"...this is how we all die..."

Flames raced across my fur, hissing gleefully as it reached skin.

I opened my mouth, feeling the flames burn my throat.

And I screamed.


My voice echoed in my ears, shrill and terrified. Thrashing, I beat furiously at my arms, trying to smother the flames I thought I saw licking along them. Hardly noticing when Gozo burst into my room in a panic.
"Little Lai! What's wrong?!"
He hurried to the bed, covering my paws with his.
"...licking...burning...flames and...and..."
All the adrenaline drained from me at once, and the room spun alarmingly. I fell against him, trembling.
" and..death and..."
He held me close, big paws cool against my burning skin. I could hear him talking, something about a sickness and a fever...
But all I could think of was death.


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(( Horrors and horrors! Eek.

(( Horrors and horrors! Eek. ))