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Earth, Fire, Wind, Water ...and Heart

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Nirahsa groaned in relief as she slipped into the tub, the hot soapy water already bringing relief to the shaman’s sore muscles as she simply let herself slip back till she was almost entirely submerged. A thick layer of soapy bubbles nearly enveloping her face as Nira smiled to herself idly reflecting on some of the more recent developments of her life while lifting one long blue leg out of the water just so she could drop it back down with a splash giggling lightly to herself.


Ever since Nira had encountered that Fey Drake in Azshara she’d mulled over the event, without her the Drake would have died, and without the drake she would have died as well. Neither of them had the skills nor the capability of escaping on their own. It had begun to make Nira reflect more on her own recent methods of trying to distance herself from the Elements. On trying to stand on her own and training herself in close combat.

While her physical condition had greatly improved, trying to train herself in weapons combat had gone rather poorly. As she was constantly just trying to emulate what she saw in others rather than having any good idea as to stances or motions, it made her normal uncoordinated hooves even more so and she’d constantly fallen over again and again as each swing unbalanced her further.

Nira had ended up communing with the Elements, again pondering these things to them. And while they hadn’t exactly been elegant in their words and perhaps a tad blunt. All four elements remarked on how by trying to detach herself from everything and solely trying to improve herself by herself Nira was effectively weakening herself rather than accomplishing her goal. Mulling their comparisons to each other over in her mind caused the Shaman to draw her own more tangible examples of what they meant. Take for example the warrior, strong resilient able to hold their own in combat with their own strength and skill. Except that is almost never the case, it just looks that way at first glance to an outsider like herself.

The warrior was trained by another, or even in the case of a self-trained warrior picked up hints, tips, and different strategies from careful observation of others and talking with them or reading tomes about martial combat. Then you look at their impressive heavy armor that keeps them safe from the heavy onslaughts they endure on the front lines. Without that armor the warrior would be far more frail against the killing implements thrown against them. This armor the warrior usually has crafted for themselves by another that they trust to make them the finest defenses possible. It is possible the warrior is a blacksmith themselves, in which case they no doubt trained under another smith learning the secrets to crafting the strongest armor and equipment. Without this tutelage a learning smith would spend many many years simply floundering as they tried to figure out the inner intricacies of metallurgy. Unless of course they read the works of those that came before them and built upon it even further.

However in all these cases the warrior did not become who and what they are through their own sweat and grit alone. Everything that they are is built upon the shoulders of those that came before them in way or another with this warrior aspiring to build upon that previous work even further to become even greater. If one goes it entirely alone, disregarding everything that has been learned by others then they start at the very bottom and have a nearly insurmountable task of getting up above the shoulders of others.

This is what really opened Nirahsa’s eyes to what she was doing, she’d seen one thing jumped to a conclusion and tried to emulate it. Because she’d wanted to be able to stand on her own she tried to accomplish it on her own, despite her close friends Dacianna and Ivinara telling her that they’d help if she wanted. The very people that she aspired to be more like she’d shunned because she foolishly assumed that accepting their help would make her dependent on them.

She needed to embrace help offered if she wanted to improve, the elements assured her that the more she did so the stronger she could become. If she drew on the passionate confidence of fire, the swift agility of the wind, the clever adaptability of water, and the patient fortitude of the earth then she’d be far stronger than she was alone.  The Elements were stronger together through her than they were alone in the same manner. And if she combined this with the help of her friends who were offering it because of how they cared for Nira within their hearts she could become even better!


This was also why Nirahsa was so sore right now enjoying her hot bubble bath. She’d started working with Daci and Ivi today. In hindsight she began to think it might be better to train with them one a day rather than both. It might make her far less bruised and sore in the long run! Still it had been a good day and despite her aches Nira smiled to herself before letting her head dip beneath the water’s surface entirely.