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((Soo! I have a bunch of little story things I was doing foranother one of those character development things..this is the first! The question was...
What is their earliest memory?))

"The first one? I remember…being really high up in the air…I was so scared! And then I remember being safe in G’ma’s arms, and my ears getting wet! She never told me exactly what happened, though…"

Lan-Lie brushed strands of greying hair out of her face as she searched high and low (though mostly low) for the tiny cub.
"I let you out of sight for one moment, by the Celestials…."
High pitched shrieks interrupted her grumbling, and she spun, gasping.
"Lai-Ning! No!"
Wide blue eyes gazed at her as the cub dangled from the claws of a hawk, her tiny shrieks of terror overruled by the bird’s triumphant cry.
Shards of ice formed around the elder’s paws.
Crackling and snapping as it formed into a razor-sharp spear.
A mighty throw, and the hawk squawked as it was pierced through. He fell, releasing the cub in his death throes.
Lai-Ning screamed as she plummeted, until her descent slowed. Hiccuping and shivering in fear, she drifted into the waiting arms of her grandmother.
"You…you -naughty- cub! You know better than to wander away from G’ma! I could have…could have…"
She sank to the ground, cuddling the sobbing cub to her chest.
”..could have…lost you…forever…”
Her shoulders shook as the adrenaline wore off, her tears dampening the cubs ears.


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I really liked this because

I really liked this because it gave us a chance to really see how much of a vital part of their lives Lai and her G'ma were to each other.. and from there gives you a better understanding of just how lost and alone Lai felt when she first got here, not having that anymore.