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When I grow up...

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((What did they want to be when they grew up?))

"I -always- wanted to be a mage, ever since I was little. G’ma was, but she very rarely used magic. ‘Hard work first, then magic second’, was what she told me. Although that -does- explain why we never had very many problems being so close to the wilds…."

Lan-Lie sighed, straightening up from the laundry to crack her back.
"Alright, Lai-Ning, now it’s time to hang these up to dry and…Lai-Ning?"
The cub trembled under the strain as she concentrated, her paws held in front of her. After a few moments, the pile of laundry started to lift, water pouring down in rivulets.
"G’ma! G’ma, look!"
A breathless laugh tumbled from her lips as she beamed up at her grandmother. Lan-Lie shook her head, covering the cub’s paws with her own, and the laundry came splashing back down into the tub.
"That’s very good, Lai-Ning. But that’s not how we do chores, is it?"
Tiny ears drooped as their owner bowed her head. “…no…”
The elder stroked those tiny ears, smiling despite herself. Gesturing to the tub, she took one handle as her granddaughter held the other in both paws.
"I like doing chores together, don’t you? It might take longer, but I think we have much more fun this way."
Giggling, Lai-Ning nodded, her gloomy mood vanishing in an instant. Chatting happily, the pair trundled off to the clothing line, Lan-Lie pausing only long enough to run her gaze over the faintly glowing wards surrounding their home. She nodded in satisfaction before turning back to her family, hugging the cub before they continued their chores.

O, Great Crane
Thank you for your grace
Lift our spirits
Keep us safe
In your shining hope

-Silverpaw family prayerbook


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((I think that Nore would

((I think that Nore would have really liked Lan-Lie and her teaching methods. Responsible use of magic and not over-reliance on just snapping one's fingers to get things done is a good lesson to instill in a child with talent like Lai-Ning's. I like using these to explore Lai's backstory and see more of her G'ma!))