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Saturday Siege Flex part 1, March 1, 6:30 pm MST

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Trinkets... RAWK! TRINKETS!

Update; Roster posted, still plenty of room for more!


Dolraan, Protection Paladin

Alynore, Protection Paladin


Darlain, Holy Priest

Rhianon, Restoration Shaman

Selyla, Restoration Shaman

Nannyogg, Restoration Druid

- room for more!


Nikoh, Retribution Paladin

Finkswitch, Combat Rogue

Laining, Arcane Mage

Zephryne, Beastmaster Hunter

Junlei, Elemental Shaman

Maralina, Fury Warrior

Briarwood, Frost Mage

- room for more!


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Nore for healing or tanking.

Nore for healing or tanking.

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I'm going to try and beef

I'm going to try and beef Xilly up for part 1 if we can swing it, if nor, happy to help with darbie.

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As always, I am signing up

As always, I am signing up standby, as Lai because Immers -will give up that trinket I swear-, and I'm always unsure if I can go till that day.

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Zeph is for fite

Zeph is for fite

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Elmire for shootin' or Sely

Elmire for shootin' or Sely for heals (or maybe Sely for shootin' too if I can get dps trinkets)

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I'll bring Nikoh for

I'll bring Nikoh for heals/melee dps. 

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I´ll be on stand by for

I´ll be on stand by for either tanking or dps just in case, usually something comes up the same day but whatever, maybe yes maybe no -w-~

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Sat Siege Flex

Available as anybody, though with a preference towards rDPS.

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I'll bring what you need but...

As always, whatever you need, but I'd like to get a chance to try Friszle's new Raid spec out at some point.  However, don't make Rhiza heal if he'd rather DPS - Nanny can always heal.

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