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Working the Numbers

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Czene, she had the name now.

It had taken her longer than she thought to figure out who was making this powerplay, and she could understand now why the investors had been abandoning the company. For the first time since she'd been named as CEO, Truthhammer Industries had been safely in the green, and to be fair, their Ironforge, Stormwind, and manufacturing holdings were still going strong. This had been a surgical strike, the Arathi R&D division had lost its political investors, who had swapped to other wartime thinktanks like SI:7. 

And who could blame them, the Cathedral of Light could lean on people without appearing to do so, and people tend to not question the word of the Church of Light.

Widggit had been wrking the numbers all this time, only to have the solution fall into her lap, an offer from the Bank of Ironforge for a solvency loan to keep Arathi up and running from an interested party, apparently Drogar had recieved land rights north of Andorhol, not to far off from Fordring's little kingdom, and the Stormwind Cathedral was willing to buy the property off and settle the small debt their business had incurred.

It didn't take much to get Milton Rafflehouse to talk, Widggit had been a bruiser for the cartels at one point in her life, she knew how to lean on people to get what she wanted. She didn't even have to rough him up. The regional bank manager had been all too happy to disclose Czene's name with a stern look and a firm tone.

Widggit had her man, but not a solution yet. There was no hard evidence of the man doing anything illegal, no proof of slander or libel, she'd have to run it by Drogar and see what he thought, and if he knew why this man was so determined to get this land from the company.

As she filed her report into her notebook she moved onto other tasks, noticing a letter from Mrs. Truthhammer, she opened it and gave it a read, smiling to herself. This was a day of victories, she had both Czene's name, and a new crystal tech engineer, she'd get him up to the task one way or another.

Widggit always got results.