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Icecrown Night 1 6/3/10

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Hokay, as led by me, with your weekly dose of weekly raid target action!

I forgot how to make a break, so behold the image spam on the front page. BEHOLD IT.


Lloyd, Protection Paladin

Tzeidel, Protection Paladin


Gyvin, Holy Paladin

Darlain, Holy Priest

Nannyogg, Restoration Druid


Drogar, Survival Hunter

Cerwis, Fury Warrior

Lanasha, Enhancement Shaman

Rastila, Frost Mage

Kreszentia, Arcane Mage


Nicholai, Discipline Priest


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Lanasha deepz!

Lanasha deepz!

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

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Nanny signup

This is suppose to be Twizzle

Mother of the Meddlers

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For Tzeidel on day of my

For Tzeidel on day of my birth.
Tzei's tonk set is ready for night 1, her healy set might be slightly under par -- average ilvl of 219 (mostly 219ish with 3 or 4 232 pieces).
In any case, she needs the weekly :)

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I forgot to mention, Ras or

I forgot to mention, Ras or Star, which ever.

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Galadeil deeps, or somesuch...whatever best compliments the group if we have any no-shows. :)