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Icecrown Continued, 10/19/10

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Continuing from last week, plague twins and blood council are down, night 2 continues on!


Dolraan, Protection Paladin

Julica, Blood Death Knight


Darlain, Holy Priest (standby credit used!)




Arlinaria, Marksman Hunter (standby credit used!)

Galadeil, Combat Rogue (standby credit used!)

Christover, Arms Warrior (standby credit used!)

Kytrina, Fire Mage (standby credit used!)

Henii, Fire Mage


Lirriel, Discipline Priest (chose standby)

Nannyogg, Restoration druid (chose standby)


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Standby please; I've quite a

Standby please; I've quite a bit this week and am not sure if I'll have it all done and ready to go. I -should-, but contingencies and such.

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Go go Star tanking!

Go go Star tanking!

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Signing up nice and early

Signing up nice and early this week!

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galadeil power go!

what the subject said!

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Christopher to DPS!

Now with improved mortal strikeing action.

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Henii preferred but I can do

Henii preferred but I can do other roles if needed.

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Sadly, the schedule I saw

Sadly, the schedule I saw last week was drastically changed over the weekend. As a result, I'm working both tuesday and saturday nights, instead of being off as I originally thought. I'm sorry! Good luck guys!

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If needed I can also gladly tank on chris, Got a belt and will have a a few more shiny armor peices to wear in.

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Only if you need me

I don't want to take the place of someone who is available, but I also don't want to leave you short.  So I'm only signing up if you need me to heal or DPS.  I'll be at Blizzcon on Saturday, so can't help then anyway.

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