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An explanation for why the Dragoons are so hard on Death Knights and Warlocks that try to join.

I don't think the lore in WoW itself does a good job of explaining the backstory of the warlocks in specific, and why so many characters (NPCs and PCs alike) would have issues with them. There are always bleeding hearts like Lirriel who want to give the benefit of the doubt—but even she wants to help cleanse these classes and help them turn from their dark powers. The WoWpedia has a lot of the lore information for these classes, but it boils down to both are connected to the Burning Legion and its corrupting influence, and its desire to destroy all life the Titans have created.

Empowered DemonWarlocks are former arcanists or shamans who were tempted by the faster, easier route to power and dealt directly with demons to gain their new abilities. The Legion corrupted the magically-attuned Eredar, turning many of them into Warlocks. Their appearances have twisted over time to the man'ari we know now, very different from their exiled (Draenei) siblings.

Gul'dan and his Warlocks are responsible for the contact with the possessed wizard Medihv, leading to the opening of the Dark Portal and the destruction of Draenor. Warlocks currently live on the fringes of society according to lore sources; in Orgimmar, Thrall reluctantly allowed loyal Warlocks to live in the dank Cleft of Shadows. Alliance Warlocks hide in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb and other out of the way locales. The devs have even said in a lore Q&A that seeing Warlock demon pets on the streets of Stormwind would not be the norm; it's purely a game play limitation (especially back when it cost shards to summon). The guards and civilians would, in fact, react negatively to "voidwalker bodyguards" and the like.

Demon CompilationFel magic is described in detail as having a corrupting influence in itself, and abilities like soul shard aren't exactly friendly. Fel magic is responsible for turning the High Elves that followed Kael'Thas into the Blood Elves, making not only their eyes change but basic physiology that seperates them from the remaining High Elves.

The Legion is responsible for the creation of the Lich King and the Scourge as well, and purposely made Ner'zhul the leader of the hive mind originally as a control point—they weren't expecting him to gain autonomy and the Scourge to become a major threat on their own. Arthas is shown in game to have direct control over the Scourge and Death Knights with constant whispers into their minds and a direct hand in command once he awoke from his slumber (where he and Ner'zhul fought over which personality exactly had control and the greater influence). There's no guarantee control can't be regained (particularly with the case of Forsaken Death Knights), or someone else can't take command (such as Sylvanas taking command of the Val'kyr in Cataclysm).

What the new (and not known to the public) Lich King does remains to be seen, though he calls himself the “Jailer of the Damned” instead. The difference there is an older, less naïve man who wasn't searching desperately for a new power to save his people and therefore slipping into temptation like the young prince did—the most common way the Legion gains its pawns is by men and women who want to do right. Proud Arthas was manipulated the entire time and it led to his downfall, even as he tried to save his people. In the end, he destroyed them and countless others.

Death Knight IconAnother issue is the Death Knight need to feed on pain, amplified by their rune blades. This does not end when the Lich King's direct influence is removed; it's a condition of their creation. From Ask a Creative Developer Round 2: "If death knights do not regularly inflict agony upon another creature, they begin to suffer wracking pains that could drive them into a mindless, blood-seeking hysteria." Luckily there are usually plenty of enemies to sate this need.

Also from the Ask a C-Devs, Undead, such as Death Knights, feel excruciating pain when the powers of the Light are used on them. Those undead that can still use the Light's powers are rare, and doubly in agony. Many Dragoons are paladins, and a few are priests; Light magic is one of the most common methods of healing used on guildmates.

These are the fears for allowing in a Warlock or a Death Knight; a figure tied directly to the darker, more destructive elements of the world, possibly manipulated or easily so.

Warlocks can join the Dragoons so long as they are NOT summoners (no demonologists, nor IC demon use at all) and truly want to amend their ways; RP choices can be reformers, or people who study the fel as a way to combat its destructive influence, while watching how far down that slippery slope they fall.

The Death Knights are suspect due to the mind control problems, their unnatural state (most are reanimated dead), the need to feed on pain, and the more recent issues with the Scourge. They should NOT ICly use ghouls regularly (Unholy spec in particular, keep it OOC). Death Knights should be lawful characters wanting redemption for what the Lich King forced upon them, and disinterested/disliking many of the Ebon Blade's more violent/disgusting tendencies.

Also keep in mind that characters will often be biased against Warlock and Death Knight characters, but that does NOT mean that the players dislike you or your character. It's all IC drama--and many of us have DK or Warlock alts ourselves, in other guilds or in the alt ranks.

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