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Help with Lore & RP

WoW Art - BookWhen creating a character to apply to any RP guild, one thing to consider is where and how they fit into the world and the timeline. There's a lot of info, and much of it seems to contradict, so it can seem daunting! Revisions can make it even trickier.

We have a lot of folks who know chunks of lore, and you can always ask for help. Some people are more sticklers for it than others, but so long as your story is reasonable and logical, it should be workable to most players. It's just easier for us all to RP together if we're close to being on the same page so far as what happened when, where, and how in regards to general history. Once you have a rough idea of the "rules", it's easier to muck around with them. ;)

I highly recommend playing through your chosen race's starter zone--even if you're race changing a higher level character, run them through, or roll a temp alt to see the zone and read the quests. This is especially good for Worgen, Goblins, Death Knights, and Pandaren, who have unique starting experiences that can't be visited later.

For first time RPers: "One of my favorite tabletop ST's once advised me to never make a character whose history is more exciting than their future could ever be. It's really served me well." -Astoreth on WoW Insider. I suggest a simple RP story and character. When I began to play, I knew nothing about Warcraft's story. So my first character was a young farmgirl trained to be a priestess from Elwynn Forest. Over time, I was able to add to her story (without contradicting what I'd already said if possible!) as I learned more. Years later she was still a fun character to play, because I gave her and myself room to learn and grow. My later characters have more complex backstories, because now I know more and can mess with the history better.

Blizzard Watch's "Know Your Lore" column is for WoW history and speculation, and their "Roleplay" column offers RP advice. They also have a guide to all the Warcraft lore in print, in chronological order.

The Story of Warcraft in Blizzard's Game Guide is a great way to start learning about the overall story, from the first game to current day. Blizzard provides a lot of information on their main website, in the form of a Beginner's guide, stories, and basic info on races, classes, and professions in their Game section (with links to more info on the best fansites). The stories are a particularly good way to get lore, as well as insight into various canon characters' lives as examples for each race. The "Ask a Creative Developer" series also have a lot of handy answers about minutaie or obscure issues.

I also recommend poking around the WoWpedia to find lore info on your chosen race, hometown, etc. Timelines are a little screwy, but the Ultimate Visual Guide from 2013 is the most recent offical timeline, and matches the 2007 official site version.

Below are some links to get started.

Some quick start links:

Anduin Llane Wrynn: The Prince of Stormwind and the Dragoons' former sponsor.

Stormwind City (our base of operations, destroyed in the First War and rebuilt after, the largest Human city and only remaining Human kingdom)

Gilneas (it was walled off from the world for 20 years)

Teldrassil (the Night Elf home, only around a decade old)

Dwarves (multiple clans, as of Cataclysm ruled by Council)

Gnomes (exiles from their own city that they're trying to retake)

Pandaren (Life-loving bearlike race from the Wandering Isle--a giant turtle--or the long-missing continent of Pandaria)

Some help with race timelines:


Elves (Blood, High, Night. Also, their evolution and clarification of terms)


Dwarves and Gnomes

Pandaria in the Mists

Help with Class RP:

Rogues  Non-Pandaren Monks
Shaman Druids
Hunters Death Knights
Paladins  Warlocks
 Mages  Priests

Sharing Stories: One can always make a blog post to share stories on the front page. Many of us also post stories and participate in RP/writing conversations on a crossrealm independent story site, RP Crossroads. It's open to both Alliance and Horde, for any WoW character and story, at any rating (so long as posts are marked appropriately). It's a great place to meet other RPers, learn of social events, read stories of other characters, and get a "feel" for some of the RP on our server.

Many also make IC tumblrs and tag for WoW RP or our realm names to share RP, art, inspirations, and other information. There is a topic on the Meddler site with links to various Shrouded MeddleGoon tumblrs!

Good luck, relax, and have fun!