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"MeddleGoon Raids": This is a joint effort by the Meddlers and Dragoons to see--and RP through--current endgame content. We are casual Flex raiders moving at an easy progression rate. Sometimes we delve into older content for achievements and RP/transmog. We have dabbled in Heroic content, but it is not a focus for our raid team. We also enjoy grouping up for LFR runs together to learn fight basics, obtain gear, and see story.
The Stars' Fury

Raids are typically on Saturdays and Sundays at 6:30 pm server time. Participation is at Drogar's discretion as raid leader; he is within his rights to tell you "no." If he has criteria before he will allow entry to raids, listen to those suggestions and work to follow them.

Watch for Drogar's raid posts for the next weekend to go up, click on the "signups" link, and if necessary, leave a comment about what character you wish to bring, or any questions you may have. Simply leaving a comment does not ensure a raid position; you must click the event sign up link in the post.

Gear and Enhancements: Drogar will inform raiders about gear ilvl requirements. If you are below that, ask about crafted items or dungeon/LFR runs to get your gear to at least minimum.

It is each raider's responsibility to be gemmed, enchanted, and reforged. We have JCers, LWers, Blacksmiths, Tailors, Scribes, and Enchanters who can give you what you need. Do not worry about costs for those; we are a generous group. Try to not wait until raid start to ask for needed enhancements.

Check sites such as Ask Mr. Robot or Icy Veins for help determining what you need.

Characters: Having a main raid character is preferred; we only allow alts when content is no longer current, or for certain players who have specifically geared to fill in needed positions at the raid lead's request. If you play a class capable of more than one role, you should gear and practice a second spec; there are only so many tank spots even in flexible raiding, and we often need healers. You do not have to be an expert at the second spec, just competent to use it in raid.

Voice Chat: Meddlers use a voice chat; the details are on the website, in our Guild Info, and often given when one first joins the raid. You do not have to talk, but at least listen for briefings, fight info, etc. Like the chat channels, it is PG language. Be polite, listen to the raid leader. If radio silence is called for, stop chatting. Mind that lag issues may make it seem like others are talking over each other unintentionally.

Addons: You should download a boss mod such as Big Wigs or DBM. GTFO is also helpful for knowing when to move out of avoidable damage. Those with dispells will find Decursive handy. Addons to track cooldowns can be very useful; WeakAuras2 and Need to Know are popular choices but there are other options. Icy Veins class and spec pages offer advice on macros and addons. Otherwise, browse Curse for options that work for you.

A Donation of MageweaveContributions: If players want to contribute, even if they do not raid, place items in the guild bank, or send them via mail to an officer tagged "for raiding." If you have crafting tradeskills, be available to make gear; enough crafted epics and flasks earn guild achievements!

Among the MeddleGoons, charging gold from guildmates is frowned upon. It is also not unusual for a guildmate crafter to refuse a tip. Crafters are not forced to donate mats, they may offer to complete the requirements for an item. Pay the help forward to other guildmates, and/or use in the bank.

Loot rules: *For raids not using Personal Loot* The Master Looter asks for main spec rolls first (Need), then offspec (Greed), then Transmog/RP before it is disenchanted (Pass/DE). Everyone gets to try a main spec roll until they win something; if everyone has won something main spec, the rolls open up again. Same with offspec. Priority is usually given to whoever has not received an item that night, except for Transmog/RP rolls, or in the case of older content where only one or two new characters can use the gear.

Since Mists, there are currencies used to get a bonus loot roll. Use these at your own discretion in MeddleGoon raids at a chance for gear. If the boss has an item in his loot table you can use (Info can be found in the Dungeon Journal in game, with filters) but the item didn't drop, use the coin to get a shot at the useable gear. This does not affect a player's normal loot rolls, as they have no impact on anyone else in the raid. These items are also useful for LFR and World Bosses.

Legendary Items: Drogar, with input from officers, determines who gets first shot at any legendaries. This is NOT a debate issue. If you wish to be considered for a legendary: be consistent in attendance, diligent in learning your class/spec and the encounters, maintain your gear, be helpful and polite to fellow players. In Mists, everyone has a chance to work on legendary items via Wrathion's quest chain. This is completable in LFR. If you need assistance with a part of the chain, ask!

Loot Drama is unnecessary and will result in officer intervention. We have all lost a roll and never see the item drop again. If it is something you want for RP or transmog, try LFR, or arrange PUG/Alt runs. The currency can help alleviate bad luck; use them if the boss has a chance to drop loot for you, as currency use affects no one else in the raid.

Standby System: *For non-flex raids only* At times players will be sidelined, but first-come signups are not always fair. If Drogar cannot fit you into the raid, you get placed on "Standby." There are times when someone suddenly cannot make raid due to computer troubles, feeling ill, real life obligations, etc.

On raid night, show up online on time, ready for raiding, not in another instance or RP scene you cannot leave. If no one needs substituted, Drogar awards a "Standby Credit." This means that next weekend when raid signups are posted, if you sign up for that raid instance again (you were standby for Mogu’Shan Vaults, you sign up for next week's Mogu'Shan Vaults), you are given priority for a raid slot, even if you don't get to sign up until late in the week. This ensures everyone who wants to raid can if we have too many each week.

It is possible to choose Standby. In this case, you are ready for raid if needed, but otherwise may not be able/willing to go if others are more anxious to raid. If the raid begins and you are not needed on a night that you chose standby, you are not awarded a credit.

Martyr's MendingConduct Policies: Be courteous, keep chat clean, follow the rules the raid leader puts down, do not be greedy, and seek mediation for conflict as needed.

While RP during a raid is encouraged between pulls, do not let it endanger an encounter, including trash. Macro'd text and actions are good for creating an RP feel during combat; there are also addons for that. Let the raid leader know if you have particular RP story you wish to do before/during/after the raid or certain encounters; we'll facilitate!

Remember that not all raiders play at the same skill level; the MeddleGoons do not discriminate, provided those players try to learn and improve. Some will need extra assistance from, or compensation by, fellow raiders.

Likewise, if someone offers you advice and tips, or directs you to resource pages--particularly if you ask for info, or it is the raid or heal leads taking you aside--be open-minded, remain calm, and realize they are not singling you out, but trying to help the raid over all. If you take issue with their tone, let them know--they usually aren't trying to be mean; or ask someone else. Everyone makes mistakes, misses a boss cue or didn't notice a class change. All of us need help and improvement at some point!

Even with all class-A players, raiding can be frustrating simply due to learning new fight mechanics, lag spikes, patch or addon bugs, and other reasons. Mute yourself on voice chat and/or leave chat channels to focus if needed. If you feel overwhelmed, not well, or even just tired, whisper the raid leader. Chances are, you are not the only one. With flexible raiding, it’s possible for raiders to come and go as needed, so don’t feel bad if you have to drop out!

If you do see an issue with another raider, bring it up to the raid leader in private. Try to have some specific examples and backing evidence (Recount graphs, not just meters). Chances are they also have logs, but it helps your argument. Unless someone asks you for assistance, let the raid and heal leads handle it. If you are asked for help, be courteous and patient, even if the other player has been frustrating.