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((If I messed up on anything concerning Vasily let me know Drogar.))

Nirahsa leaned against a nearby table to catch her breath, the gentle illumination of the Exodar’s crystals beamed down upon her. She still wasn’t quite at one hundred percent again, but she had been cleared to at least start moving around again but given explicit instructions to not do any intensive labor or magicking. Doctor’s orders that she would follow, since there were small things she could tinker with not to mention the shaman just wanted to stop feeling, drained and sore as soon as possible.

Despite some lingering injuries that wanted to heal much slower despite the aid of of the light among other methods. Nirahsa had chosen to come to the Exodar during a time that Dacianna had needed to go off and conduct her own duties despite the Vindicator wishing to remain at her side. Truthfully Nira didn’t want to tell Daci that she was going to see Vasily, she was already worried enough about her that the tinkerer didn’t want her to worry even more.

Nira sighed lightly as she impulsively raised a hand to feel along her right horn, fingers moving up the slightly curved structure until they reached the rough jagged break where an inch or so of her horn had broken off from the explosion. They were still looking at a way to reattach the piece Kaewynn had found, but it didn’t fit in perfectly. Her lips curled down into a frown, her horns were already short enough, and now it was looking like they might no longer even match!

She didn’t know why the crystal had exploded, it shouldn’t have if it’d been one of the crystals she was experimenting on with lightning at home then an explosion would have been a distinct possibility. This one however had been a fairly standard crystal matrix draenei used widely it was very safe when utilized properly.

However right now that did not weigh as heavily on her mind as those dreams. It seemed like at least once a night as she slept that, other version of herself would appear. Say something rather cryptic and then Nira would wake up. The really weird thing was it was starting to no longer feel like a dream to her, as she’d get a vibe in the dream and then she’d see herself. It was confusing and more than a little creepy.

Nirahsa sighed again as she reached the small little enclosure where Vasily worked to help draenei and others at the Exodar. Drawing in a breath she pushed open the door.

On entering her nose picked up the very distinct scent of chocolate, following the smell her eyes found a mug of hot chocolate resting on a small table beside a comfortable looking chair.

“Friend Nirahsa! It is so good to see you again!” Came the boisterous friendly voice of Vasily who was smiling at her motioning to the chair by the cocoa, “Please sit down, relax!”

Nirahsa couldn’t help but smile, it was almost as if Vasily knew she’d be coming to see him.