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[Lai-Ning]Fireclaws and Silverpaws

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Jun sprawled on her stomach, only half-awake. On the other side, Jia nudged Lai, whispering.
"Poke her. She’s falling asleep!"
The lecture was interesting, and Lai hated tearing her attention away from the speaker. She gave the elder Fireclaw a look, before turning and poking the younger in the side.
Jun flailed, her sleepy yell echoing through the quiet hall. A split second later, her flailing sent her tumbling down the steps, landing at the bottom with a thump.
Dead silence reigned. Lai buried her face in her hands as Jia tried, and failed, to hold back her laughter.

((Someone sent me 'Friendship', and I had to do this! Hope it's okay if I borrowed Jia....))


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(( Well, this is the kind of

(( Well, this is the kind of thing Jia would do... :p. ))