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Icecrown: The Continuing Oct 26 2010 7:00 PM

Drogar's picture

Continuing forward, ever forward! Remember to watch those videos and read those strats!


Also, there will be no saturday raid this week, due to the halloween and the edmonton haunted house.


Staroda, Protection Warrior

Julica, Blood Death Knight


Rhianon, Restoration Shaman

Dacianna, Holy Paladin

Darlain, Holy Priest


Dolraan, Retribution Paladin

Raitha, Combat Rogue (standby credit used!)

Henii, Fire Mage

Arlinaria, Marksman Hunter

Christover, Fury Warrior


Kytrina, Fire Mage

Blackmask, Assassination Rogue

Finkswitch, Assassination Rogue

Kreszentia, Arcane Mage


Lirriel, Discipline Priest

Raksasha, Survival Hunter


Henii's picture

Henii for burning that mutha

Henii for burning that mutha hubberd down!

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

Christover's picture


Christover to dee pee ess

Julica's picture

Oh yeah.

I've been waiting nearly two years to do this for you guys.

Jules for tanking on this night. Let us do this here thing.

Finkswitch's picture

Fink for DPS (standby since

Fink for DPS (standby since there's a ton of signups already!)

Finkswitch's picture

Sently since I'm an Admin,

Sently since I'm an Admin, clicking Signup doesn't sign me up... Fixed it now that I noticed my name was missing!!!

Drogar's picture

Mistah Finkswitch, do you

Mistah Finkswitch, do you mean standby as in "I only want to come if absolutely necessary"? Or do you want a shot at a standby credit? Because I generally operate that people who say "standby" in their signups only want to come if the raid doesn't fill.

Finkswitch's picture

I'll be there with bells on.

I'll be there with bells on. Standby just meant more because there were already 11 signups. Also, I won't be wearing bells.

Rastila's picture

Staroda tonkin? Jules, we got

Staroda tonkin? Jules, we got this.

Linu Theillos's picture

daci power?..   Clearly I

daci power?..


Clearly I need to refresh this browser every ten minutes.. -.-

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Last I heard, Drauglos was

Last I heard, Drauglos was supposed to reformat the harddrive today, hopefully he's back in game again soon.

I swear, he's cursed when it comes to pre-expac time. When Wrath launched, partway through the Scourge Invasion pre-event, his old rig died entirely and he wasn't able to play at launch. Now a -Windows- update corrupted something somewhere. Also, he's apparently got a new job, so we shall see if he can get back to playing soon (Lirr needs to show her fella her newest pets and the horse she saved from that awful headless fellow, after all)!

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I have trouble imagining Lirr

I have trouble imagining Lirr on that horse :p although maybe she will just take care of it and make sure it gets good food and lots of love. Rhia got hers last night!!!!!!!! I had to call my husband over just so I could gloat and have him watch me flying around Dalaran :p

Julica's picture

As an aside, what new job

As an aside, what new job does Drauglos have? I've not heard of this.

Lirriel's picture

She's got the Baron's mount

She's got the Baron's mount too, and I can't quite justify her riding that sucker around, either. But she's a sucker for critters in trouble. Her mama's farm is stocked with pets and a herd of talbuks now. Not nearly as many of her mounts are IC as the pets and toys.

Draug's got another retail position last I heard, as the old place cut back hours to nil. Which I sympathize with; I'm currently only working 8 hours a week, which isn't enough at all. -_-

What could possibly be more

What could possibly be more of a critter in trouble than one missing most of its skin? :V