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Nelenna's Trial 6-21 (mature content)

((Since some folks had to leave, or couldn't make it, here's my finished log. Warning: flogging is included and may not be for all readers.))

As transcribed by Davin Whitstead, page of Judiciary Lirriel Meterein

[Guild] Harrigan: All Dragoons assemble in the Petitioner's chamber. Sergeant Goeffrey; escort Corporal Nelenna here.

[Guild] Goeffrey: Sir.

Harrigan turned to the two officers sitting with him. “My advice to Nelenna was plead guilty and ask for summary judgment.”

Cerwis nodded. "She gonna follow through and do that?" Next to her, Lirriel looked a little pale, but otherwise in calm, disciplined control.

“The other options are worse,” Harrigan replied as Goeffrey brought Nelenna into the Chamber.

“Halt! A-tten-tion!” Goeffrey barked, saluting the officers. Nelenna did as ordered, saluting as well. “Sergeant Branstein reporting with Corporal Kaltrone, sir!”

Harrigan returned the salutes. “Seat Corporal Nelenna on the first bench for now.”

“Sir,” Goeffrey nodded. “Face left! March!” He took Nelenna to where the Dragoons usually met. “Sit Down,” he ordered. He stood at ease behind her.

[Guild] Harrigan: Dragoons, I said assemble in the Petitioner's Chamber. Move your asses!

Cerwis rubbed the bridge of her nose and reached behind her head to tighten her ponytail as the other Dragoons slowly filed in, taking their places behind Goeffrey in the seats.

Lirriel summoned her page. “Davin, be sure to transcribe everything.” The young man nodded, getting his pen and papers.

“All right, let's get going,” Harrigan said, standing. The two young women nodded and followed him over to the assembly. “All at attention.” The Dragoons stood at attention and saluted. “Take your seats.” Goeffrey, the only Dragoon besides the Commander to be armed, remained standing behind Nelenna.

“This courts martial is now in session. Commander Bennet Harrigan, Judiciary Lirriel Meterein and Lieutenant Cerwis Goldengale presiding. Corporal Nelenna Kaltrone, stand up.”

Nelenna stood and went to attention silently.

“Corporal Kaltrone, you are charged with assault of a superior officer.” Harrigan put on his reading glasses and looked at his notes. “On the evening of the fifteenth, on the roof of the garden, Corporal Kaltrone discharged a firearm in the direction of Sergeant Cassion Revant and a civilian with full knowledge of their identities. Corporal Kaltrone was reacting to a small lightening spell cast in her direction, and deliberately aimed away from the pair which is why the charge is only assault and not attempted murder. The maximum sentence that can be imposed after a full hearing is five years imprisonment and a dishonorable discharge.”

Harrigan looked at Nelenna. “Do you understand why you are here and the possible consequences you face, Corporal Nelenna?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you understand you can ask for a full hearing and the benefit of council?” He continued.

“Yes, sir I understand.”

“Corporal Kaltrone, on the charge of assaulting a superior officer, how do you plead?”

Nelenna was silent for a moment, her ear giving a twitch, "I plead guilty, Commander."

Harrigan glanced at his notes. “Corporal Kaltrone, you can request a full hearing for determining your sentence or you can ask for summary judgment by this board. What do you request?”

“I'll accept summary judgment for my actions.”

“You may take your seat, Corporal Kaltrone. This courts martial is at ease while the board confers.” Harrigan and Lirriel turned and went to the back of the room, Lirriel's page following them.

“Lieutenant, Judiciary. Minimum punishment is demotion and ten lashes. Correct, Judiciary?”

Lirriel grimaced, but nodded. Cerwis did as well.

“You've read Cassion's report. Lirriel, you've spoken with her and so did I. I think the minimum is enough. Your opinions?”

“Sounds fine,” Cerwis said. “I'm... hrm. Sort of partial to working in some sort of probationary period with long range firearms, but the minimum might be enough.”

“This punishment; will it be given in her Human or Worgen form?” Lirriel asked.

“I don't think we can stop her from shifting, Lirriel.” Harrigan replied. The priestess nodded.

Cerwis folded her arms and shifted her weight to her better side. “She may just want to stay in Worgen form. I have no problem with that.”

“Lieutenant, can you keep the count?”

Cerwis briefly made a face, quickly covering it. “I can, sir.”

“A probationary period may also work; I'll defer to Cerwis on that,” Lirriel said, responding to Cerwis' earlier comment.

“I don't think restricting her from firearms is going to affect the problem,” the Commander said.

“Counseling sessions will. Not with October, however,” Lirriel suggested.

Cerwis shrugged. “Maybe not. It was a suggestion I liked considering she and I do most of the same job in the field. If you don't think so, sir, you're in charge.”

“This is a board.  We come to an agreement.” He answered.

Lirriel turned to her sister. “Why do you think it would be a good idea, Cerwis?”

“Because. She does have the anger issues that she needs the counseling for, letting her have live, easy, and quick to use weapons on hand while she still might be unstable? Just... Strikes me as a bad idea. Maybe she learned from this one instance. Maybe. I just don't... feel like risking it a second time. I have a lot of guns. I have a lot of bows. I know better than to touch 'em when I'm pissed, I've had classes about that. Doubt she has.”

“We can lay that and counseling on her without making it part of her punishment,” Harrigan said.

“Suppose. She'll see it as a punishment. Scouts like their guns,” Cerwis admitted.

“It could irritate her further. Bows can kill as easily as guns,” Lirriel pointed out.

“Let's stick with the regs for the sentence and the rest we can add as orders.” Harrigan decided. The other two officers nodded in agreement. “All right. Let's do this damned thing and get it over with.”

“Ten lashes and a demotion works for me, then,” Cerwis replied.

“Judiciary?” She nodded up at Harrigan. “All right.” They walked back to the gathered Dragoons.

“Stand at attention,” the Commander ordered. They snapped together and saluted. They remained at attention as Harrigan called the court martial back in session.

“Corporal Kaltrone, the board has returned its decision. You are demoted back to the rank of Dragoon with the loss of pay and privileges that came with your rank.  You are also sentenced to ten lashes, to be carried out immediately after this hearing.”

Some of the Dragoons visibly winced. Nelenna only nodded slightly, trying to keep an even tone and straight posture. “Yes, sir.”

“All Dragoons will be present at the punishment,” Harrigan said. “Sergeant Geoffrey, Dragoon Kaltrone is in your charge. This courts martial is adjourned.”

“Sir.” Goeffrey saluted. “Dragoon Kaltrone! Attention! Right Face! March!”

“We will go to the Command Center.” Harrigan said as they all filed out, across the city to the center of the military in Stormwind.

Goeffrey marched Nelenna to the post in the center of a side yard. Any windows or doors facing the yard were shuttered and barred. Nelenna was silent, bearing a change of clothes for after the lashing, fighting hard to keep from showing any emotions in her body language.

New recruit Giulietta watched the Judiciary, surprised the gentle priest was going along with this. Lirriel was clutching tightly to her healing bag, face pale. Alynore stood off to the side after ensuring the Dragoons' privacy, face stony, hands clasped tightly behind her back. Wesley, Drust, Spomenka, and Langsden obediently filed in along with other Dragoons making their way from their duties or the Chamber.

“Sergeant Cassion. Secure the gateway. I don't want prying eyes.” Harrigan ordered. Cassion bowed his head in acknowledgment, moving rigidly to do as ordered before he turned to watch in silence.

At the post, Goeffrey produced a long leather tie-rope. “Remove your shirt, Kaltrone. Then raise your arms.” She obeyed the Worgen sergeant silently and he looped the strap around the post, securing Nelenna's wrists tightly above her head.

Goeffrey reached into his pocket and pulled out a small cylinder of wood wrapped in leather. He leaned in close to Nelenna and spoke lowly. “This is for your teeth. Bite down if you need to. Try not to cry out. You're a soldier after all.” She tested her bonds and nodded to Goeffrey, taking the bite-stick after a moment, ears drooping slightly.

Harrigan spoke up again. “Dragoons: no one will interfere with this punishment. No one will touch Dragoon Nelenna except Sergeant Goeffrey, Judiciary Lirriel, and anyone they ask for assistance. You will not turn away. This is Dragoon Nelenna's choice. This is her chance to make amends for what she has done and prove to you that she is a Dragoon! When this is finished, her debt is paid, her honor is restored, and she is our sister again. Is this understood?”

The Dragoons present nodded and replied in the affirmative, despite some queasy looks. Lirriel prayed, her expression carefully neutral. “Light grant us all the resolve to see this through as befits our station.”

“All is prepared, sir,” Goeffrey said as he stepped back from the post. Harrigan removed his tabard and shirt, nodding to Goeffrey as he picked up the whip. He cracked it once, well away from Nelenna, to get the range. The Worgen woman flinched at the noise, as did Giulietta among the other Dragoons.

“Liuetenant Cerwis, keep the count,” the Commander ordered.

“Sir.” Cerwis masked any emotional response to the order.

Harrigan readied himself and brought the whip down. The lash bit deeply across Nel's back. She let out a whimper and bucked, biting down hard on the stick.


Lirriel winced at each crack. Wes' ears were flattened against his skull; others twitched at each lash landing. The third strike made Nel yelp, the stick dropping from her muzzle. Bloody stripes matted the fur on her back while Cerwis obediently called the number after each snap of the whip. Nel squirmed, trying to fight the impulse to flee from the pain, unable to move.

As Cerwis called out “five,” Harrigan paused, wiping sweat from his brow.

“Judiciary, check Dragoon Nelenna and make sure she's fit to continue.” Lirriel nodded, taking a deep shuddering breath, clutching her bag in white-knuckled hands. She stepped forward to examine Nelenna. “Offer her the bit again too,” Harrigan ordered.

The Dragoons tried to breath during this respite. There were five more lashes to go.

Goeffrey nodded and reached down, dusting off the bite-stick and offering it to Nelenna silently. She didn't noticed the offered bit, the pain having gotten to her somewhat, everyone's voices more of a blur.

"Nel, are you holding up?" Lirriel asked quietly as she ran a glowing hand a few inches over Nel's back; diagnostic only, not healing yet. "Put it against her mouth so she knows it's there, Goeff." He nodded, pushing the bit gently against Nelenna's lips.

"I...I...I'll be fine," she stated before biting down on the bit again.

"Just a bit longer, and this will be over," Lirriel told Nel quietly. She took a deep breath and turned back to Harrigan. "She is fit enough to continue, sir," she said, somehow keeping her voice from wavering.

Harrigan nodded and waited for people to return to their places, though most hadn't moved, looking and feeling uncomfortable. He made sure Lirriel was clear—she was a bit slow to move out of the way—then he let the whip fly out to strike Nel's back. The bit muffled her yelp as she bit down, body tensing as the lash made contact.

"Six," Cerwis monotoned.

On eight, Nelenna dropped the bit again when she cried out.

Harrigan grunted as the whip flew one last time to leave a red line across Nel's back. She let out another loud cry before trying to collapse to the ground, the bindings holding her up as the Gilnean whimpered in pain, several tears rolling down her face.


"Sergeant Geoffrey, cut her loose. Judiciary, take care of her then get her to the infirmary. Lieutenant Alynore!" Harrigan coiled the whip.

Goeffrey moved quickly, cutting the binding with his dagger and gently supporting Nel for Lirriel. She collapsed in Goeffrey's arms, turning her head away from him with a whimper. Lirriel hurried over, finally allowed to do her real job. She softly sang a prayer as she ran her glowing hands over Nel's back for quick triage. "Get her covered and help me get her home, please," She ordered Goeff.

"Yes ma'am." Goeffrey draped her fresh shirt over Nel and helped her stand, one of her arms over his shoulders. "You did well, Dragoon. Let's get you taken care of."

"Nel, drink this. It'll help numb the pain and begin the healing internally." Lirriel put a vial near Nel's mouth, also casting a pain suppression before levitating Nelenna slightly off the ground, so she and Goeffrey could guide her back to the Keep. Nel stayed silent other than for her pained whispers every so often, hanging her head, obeying Lirriel's instruction quietly as she tried to drink the vial.

Cassion lowered his head briefly, lips pressed into a thin line as he moved to the gate to allow people to trickle out once Harrigan gave the order.

Alynore let out a long held breath, shoulders trying to relax under her armor. She walked stiffly over to the Commander and snapped to attention, saluting. "Sir!"

"Get a detail together. I want that post out of the ground. Then you will take it and this whip and burn them to ashes. Scatter the ashes wherever you want but I don't want them found." Harrigan let his eyes meet each and every persons as he spoke. "Nothing, and I mean nothing tastes the blood of my people and lives. You have your orders. Dismissed."

"Yessir." She turned and looked over the assembled Dragoons. "Cassion. Wesley. Drust. Let's get this damned thing out of here." Two people she trusted, and a brand new recruit who probably needed some assurances, to see the application of Harrigan's order. Alynore grabbed the whip, her face twisting as she straightened to help remove the post.

Cassion nodded once and shifted into motion to begin bringing the post down. Wes' ears twitched. Better get the job done. He gave 'Nore a nod and moved to assist Cassion. Cerwis' limp was more pronounced than it had been in months as she herded the rest of the Dragoons away from the scene; no one was anxious to stay long. Harrigan retrieved his shirt and tabard and left after the rest of them.

Lirriel walked on one side of Nelenna, guiding her into the Keep and through the doors to the Residence, into the infirmary where the other Angels waited to assist. Goeffrey walked on her other side, providing her support and half-carrying her as necessary. Nel simply stared at the ground whenever she actually had her eyes open, even when her turtle trundled out of the water partway to the Keep, following along.

The turtle was stopped at the door to the infirmary, making annoyed “mlah” noises but obediently sitting there and waiting. Lirriel had a bed ready for Nel to be put face down in, attached to an IV drip full of liquid and medicine, and then the woman was carefully covered in salve.

"I have other duties to square away, ma'am. I'll get out of your way," Goeffrey said quietly as Nel was laid down and attended to.

Lirriel nodded. "Thank you, Sergeant. You did well today. Make sure the others are all right if you can, before getting home and hugging your wife."

Goeffrey paused before nodding. "Yes ma'am. Thank you." He left the Infirmary with their newest charge.

The Dragoons returned to their quarters, or their families. Harrigan moved through the Hall like a thunderhead to his quarters. First a shower to wash off the blood, then a bottle or two to wash the taste from his mouth and silence the ghosts whispering at him.

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Excerpts from Nelenna’s Bestiary Compendium

((Posted 9/12/11 by Nelenna. Had to re-add paragraph breaks in, may not be where originally intended))

((I’ve tried to keep this all within my understanding of Lore and some of it arises from my own ooc perceptions which then flow from Nel’s perspectives. I’ll probably also make more blogs that detail more of Nelenna’s writings within her tome.))

A leather bound tome hangs from the bulletin board in the Dragoon Hall, with a note attached to it. “This tome has details concerning my experience with the training of various animals as well as some details to their behavior. Along with the relationship of a hunter and his or her companion, anyone is free to borrow this book though I do ask that it be returned within a day or so and to not leave the Hall with it. I will be adding more to it, to create a more in depth knowledge base as I feel this information can be beneficial to everyone and not just those of us that form strong bonds with animals as companions.

P.S I’d also ask that if anyone thinks I have misconstrued something, or have incorrect information to come speak to me rather than take it upon yourself to ‘correct’ my findings in my tome without my permission.

P.S.S I would also appreciate input on what kind of information you would like to see added. “

The tome itself contains dozens of pages, written in two different handwritings; it doesn’t take long to realize that some sections were written by Nelenna’s human hand while others were written in her worgen hand. Fortunately both are quite legible even if they make reading the notebook a tad odd. Inside details all of Nel’s experience with animals, from various behaviors to training methods, and small how too’s on determining the source of problems with animals and fixing them rather than treating the symptoms of the problem. Some of the current highlights contained within include…

The Bond

One of the first things I’d like to go over from my own experience is what I’ll refer to as ‘The Bond’, this bond represents quite simply the bonds and ties between the hunter and the companion. While training and caring for animals can form a bond I personally think it is not the right way to try and create a lasting impression with an animal that you will rely upon in combat as well as more menial situations. I believe that a true bond cannot be formed intentionally and that it will arise on its own if you and the animal connect with one another. I know this seems a little farfetched, but it comes from my own experience, I do not simply look at a beast and decide I will train it. I only train animals that I form a bond with.

An easy way of explaining this bond would involve a litter of puppies, while all of the puppies are cute in their own ways there always seems to be that ‘one’ puppy you adore the most that you almost feel like you can relate with. It’s a feeling that occurs within your gut and isn’t derived from any rational thought, one where the both of you inherently just, respond to one another. I personally believe that these bonds form the strongest roots of all and properly training an animal you have formed this natural bond with will forge a companion that is more loyal than even family, one that will have no hesitation in protecting the life of its master.

This does also have what some might consider a downside but I do not, in that you will also seek to protect your companion’s life just as fiercely as they will defend you. In my opinion this only makes the relationship stronger but I can see how others may try to take advantage of it in the same way a villain would use someone’s family to get to their true target. Though I am by no means attempting to say that any other methods of training, or selecting a companion are invalid I just believe this method of choosing an animal creates more loyal animals than any other training method alone will forge, as your bond with your beast is extremely important in the same manner of a Commander having the trust of his men. While one can lead without have such trust, it is not nearly as effective as when you have the complete trust of your men as the trust instills a certain amount of, faith.

The Bond does also tend to affect an animal’s mood as they will often react to the disposition they see their master in, becoming more aggressive towards others if their handler is also in a foul mood, or even reacting aggressively if they feel as if their master is being attacked in some manner that may not necessarily be physical. I have seen this particular facet grow strong enough that I can at times direct my better trained companions like Rex and Dev without speaking or overtly signaling. It is certainly not magic, and I myself don’t understand how the meaning is conveyed since I’ve not specifically trained them to respond in such a manner. But it’s a behavior I’ve learned to take great advantage of even if I cannot teach it to another, perhaps knowing that it is possible will help others to discover how on their own.

Animal Behavior

It is a no brainer that different species have different behavior and social aspects, what this means for someone seeking a companion or another companion is that they must realize you cannot use the same techniques with every creature that crawls, flies and sometimes swims. Different beasts requires alternate approaches in training.

A rather obvious and blatant example of this would be comparing Rex a Worg, with Knox a Jormungar. Rex and other canines respond to both auditory and visual cues extremely well. Jormungar’s are however blind and unable to respond to visual cues. So obviously teaching and training them takes a different route since you have to work off of each animals strengths. Another very important thing to remember is that while animals tend to lack the morals that we have, this does not make them any less affected by death and killing. It simply manifests differently, an animal exposed to violence and killing will often begin to grow inherently more aggressive and disobedient unless such exposure is countered by constant companionship and love as well as training to reinforce normal behavior. Animals can never be thought of as simple tools for war lest they start to grow feral from lacking a devoted and caring handler.

I’ll give a short outline of differing behaviors on animals I’ve taken care of as well as observed a good deal. We’ll start with the one I am most familiar with. Worgs My experience in worgs, Specifically Saber Worgs is rather indepth, while they are related to Wolves and Dogs they have very distinct differences from such beasts. The most noticeable one is that they a good deal bigger than either. Rex my Saber Worg is around ten feet in length give or take a foot or so, this gives them more power and can lead to problems should an inexperienced trainer try to domesticate one. Though if one really wishes to train a worg, then they are best raised from pups since it is easier to imprint yourself upon them as their master and friend during this time. Fully grown worgs will already have a fully developed personality and behavior that is very hard to overcome, and can lead to violence towards the trainer and anyone else unfortunate enough to cross paths with the powerful animal . Another distinction from other canines is they are a great deal smarter and have an inherent foul disposition, as such their grumpiness and displeasure at another is easily mistaken for challenges. Foul looks from the animals is normal towards people they do not trust, this only becomes dangerous when such a look is combined with any kind of snarl and the prominent displaying of their teeth. Obviously though such looks alone can put people on edge that are not familiar with the behavior of Worgs and work needs to be done to try and teach the Worg that they can, not like whoever they wish but should show some restraint in expressing this dislike. A successfully trained and obedient worg that you’ve earned the trust and loyalty of is a powerful companion. Their size and intelligence makes advanced combat and hunting strategies extremely easy to implement as they can understand speech to an extent, they don’t comprehend such things as well as we do but it is more than enough to be able to direct them with simple phrases.

Jormungar: These large worms are extremely imposing since they are more than three times a human being in length and could potentially swallow one whole. They don’t appear to be very good companions at first glance but I have found from recent experience that this is simply not true. The main misconception about the is that they are carnivorous, in reality they omnivorous with an odd preference for grains, fungus and cheeses. Though if a Jormungar goes without food for an extended period of time they will attempt to eat just about anything they can get down their gullet. Conversely if you overfeed a Jormungar it won’t be very active at all for a long while. This can be very beneficial in some circumstances, main one being when you must leave it on its own for an extended period.

In general though they can be extremely aggressive when not under the control of a skilled handler, I had originally though they were more docile and only aggressive in a territorial type fashion when I initially encountered Knox. I have since learned that to be in error, fortunately like any aggressive animal with proper training and discipline they can be rendered obedient and docile while kept on a tight leash The other big dissuasion is that they are indeed completely blind, but as a counter to this their sense of hearing and smell is far above most other creatures I have encountered. Though the lack of sight does make training them far more difficult since you cannot use visual cues like one may implement in other training methods. Audio cues remain effective, indeed it is very important to be around a Jormungar for an extended period of time if you are attempting to train it simply so it gets use to your specific smell and sounds that you make as no two people sound exactly the same and the creatures can easily differentiate between people because of this. This type of patience extends into all aspects of training, teaching them to move in proper directions and such requires tedious effort with associating specific sounds to what you desire. Strong scents can also be used for associating, such as simple calling the Jormungar back to you.

While not as intelligent as Worgs, Jormungar have enough thinking power to be able to be directed, though advanced battle tactics are not their forte, though they seem to have an instinctual cunning. Moving underground to attack from an unseen angle on their prey as well as guarding their soft spots between armor segments rather well despite lacking vision. One strength of a Jormungar that I've not put into much practical use is their digging ability, they are capable of tunneling at high speeds and carving out paths underground as easy as a fish swims through water. I do feel an obvious combat application of such an ability would be penetrating the defenses of a stronghold with far more ease than one might do otherwise.

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Nel's Wanderings

((Posted 8/9/12 by Nelenna. Had to re-add paragraph breaks.))

((First Bit is abit of an older post I'd made on Haven right after the end of the trial. Second bit is todays)) Nightly Musing, Covering the Rear

Nelenna yet again wandered the streets of Stormwind, trying not to fidget to much with her bandaged hands. The Injuries had been healing rather well but she couldn’t afford to reinjure them, especially since the Dragoons were now completely dissolved. It was a despressing thought, especially since she had wanted to prove herself worthy and try to rejoin after this entire ordeal the unit had been tangled in was over and done with. She never thought that it would also mark the Dragoons themselves being done with. The Gilnean pondered what she could do now, more importantly if it was possible for her to still help the others somehow. Though without a Guildstone it made keeping in touch with them rather hard.

Her ears perked rather suddenly as she heard a rock go skittering across the stone pathway behind her. The worgen jerked her head around only to see nothing, but she knew at this point it couldn’t be true. “Blast, Alynore was right, they are still following me around. What else could they hope to prove at this point anyway?” Nel muttered lowly before continuing to walk, not being in any position to do much especially with her hands injured. Even if they were fine attacking her trailer would only get her thrown in prison at this point she suspected. The Worgen continued to walk down the mostly deserted streets, one ear twisted back to try and keep an ear on her unknown stalker. Given the lack of booze in the air it couldn’t be that elf, though the wind was moving in the wrong direction for her to pick that scent up. Thus the only choice she really had was to ponder, and hope that Del was doing alright given she was rather upset after that debacle of a trial. Not to mention the Gilnean still needed to stop by Lirriel’s mothers farm for that Worg Pup, she’d been in no condition to start raising it while her hands had been completely useless.

As Nelenna continued walking the shadow reappeared behind her, the man following with light footsteps that if observed by anyone in the know just screamed of SI:7. Sticking close to the walls his motions were subdued enough that even a worgen’s hearing wasn’t enough to spot unless they were paying attention at just the right moment. His brief misstep earlier had complicated things as it was easy to note that the Worgen was paying far more attention to her surroundings now. Not that it would help, a ragefull wreck like her had little chance of actually spotting him. Nel spun around on hearing another loud noise that sounded extremely odd, but again saw no one else on the street behind her. Rather than investigating she decided to continue on really not wanting a repeat of what had happened the last two times she’d investigated an alley because of something she thought she’d seen or heard.


The man’s back was pressed up against a wall with his feet dangling almost a full foot off the ground as a white masked elf stared at him at eye level, her single braid of hair dangling over one shoulder. Despite the mask he got the distinct impression that she was grinning at him.

“Unhand me! I am Frederick Callistan of the Royal Inquiry!” He stated firmly glaring back at this masked grinning Night Elf. The distinct air of booze hung about her but the way she had him pinned was rather solid except for his legs.

“And what business does the Stormwind Palace have with spying on my friend?” The elf asked lightly.

“That is none of your business citizen, I’ll say once more, unhand me!”

“I thought I saw a shadow like you not too long ago, and I’ve noticed since then that my little Worgen friend no longer wears a Dragoon Tabard. You don’t have something to do with that do you?” The elf continued her voice low and soft, “Like misrepresenting my actions? I did after all try so hard to be the clear aggressor, I suppose I forgot about little weasels such as yourself.”

Callistan drew his feet up suddenly and thrust out at the elf, causing her to let go with one hand and shift to the side before yanking the man downwards with the other. The flip that ensued from the move would have looked acrobatic if Callistan’s face hadn’t impacted the ground afterwards. His nose bleeding the human quickly righted himself. “You just assaulted an Official of the Alliance!” He admonished wiping blood away with the cuff of his jacket.

“A political system that is but a wink in the eye of Elune Mr. Callistan. Such systems offer little protection from those that are not bound to them.” She stated lightly.

The man glanced around looking for an exit strategy, one hand slipping in a pocket before slipping back out, “We’ll see Elf,” He spoke before throwing the flashbomb into the ground and dashing for the alley’s exit. His back was suddenly hit by a wave of heat as the elf had reacted just as quickly,pulling her mask down before taking a swig of liquor and belching out fire that had only to eagerly leaped upon the man’s back. He spun around to try and quelch the flames quickly before a foot to his side sent him reeling against the wall again with the Night Elf swiftly blocking the exit once more.

“Leaving so soon?” She asked pulling the white cloth back over the lower half of her face.

“You’re only making things worse,” He replied.

“No, you are.” Came the quipped reply.

“Don’t get all self-righteous drunkard, “ He remarked springing forward suddenly slipping twin daggers out from concealment. One slash dug into the Elf’s leather tunic while the other was met with a sharp cling as it slammed into her metallic bracers as she blocked it. The man quickly attacked again forcing her backwards to avoid several more slashes before grabbing one wrist and flinging him around. The motion disoriented the agent long enough for the elf to slip her hands into the fist-weapons that dangled from her waist.

“An odd word choice from you lurker,” She mused before charging the man and swinging once, causing him to dodge predictable out of the path before the elf’s other arm swung catching him in the midsection. A grunt of pain came from the man but it didn’t stop him from shifting off to the side and retaliating with several fast strikes of his own that were near blurs.

The deadly ballet continued in the alley, as Callistan’s blades struck and the Elf’s fists and feet retaliated as blows were exchanged, dodged and retaliated with. The Elf’s leather tunic was getting rather torn up by the fast strikes she was unable to dodge entirely or parry. While the human’s clothes were faring better he was getting badly bruised by the punishing blows that made it through. Callistan thought he saw an opening and lunged forward with a thrust catching the elf in the stomach as the blade sunk in. Her concealed face winced sharply at the flash of pain that flooded her system. Before he could pull back and strike again the blue skinned elf grabbed his hand and slammed her fist intot he side of his head with her other fist. The blow made his head spin but the Agent wasn’t going to drop that easily, his knee came up to slam into the elfs stomach only exasperating the pain and causing a brief flinch allowing him to slip out of her grasp.

“Give up now elf and you may get an easier sentence,” Callistan spat the words out still holding onto one dagger the other still embedded in the elf.

She straightened out and calmly reached down with one hand pulling the blade out of her stomach swiftly. Breathing in deeply as her eyes focused, some blood escaped the wound but not nearly as much as one would expect from such an injury. The elf’s calm demeanor continued as she stared back at the rogue lifting the blade up and gripping it with her other hand before simply breaking the blade off at the hilt and tossing both pieces away. “Foolish, you are now down one weapon,” She put simply and became a blur as she struck forward as if uninjured slamming both fists into the stunned man sending him hurtling backwards, The Kaldorei moved forward again but the rogue managed to slide out of the way of her fist as it slammed into the wall cracking it in several concentric circles.

He did not fail to notice the raw strength that the elf had just put out despite the stab wound, a feat that shouldn’t even be possible for someone to do hand to hand without magic, it was at this moment he opened his mouth and started shouting, “GUARDS! GU- aaaghfu,” His words were cut shot as a side kick hit him in the gut and the elf pressed her attack not giving him any breather to shout again. His dagger flashing several times, causing another slash in the Elf’s side before the next two were knocked aside.

Callistan’s free hand dove into the side of his coat revealing a new dagger, bringing it out with a swift slash cutting across her tunice and deep enough to leave a new wound. A wound that didn’t even cause her to flinch at all, she simply continued her own strikes knocking his blades to the side in a blur of motion. “What the hell, she’s the one that’s been stabbed, cut.” He managed to dodge another swift fist and cut into the Kaldorei’s arm, she twisted around blocking the next strike with calm precision. “Nothing works.” A feigned kick turns into a low slash against the Elf’s legs, delivering another light wound as her reflexes kept the blade from penetrating deep enough. “No matter how much I hurt her, how does she keep coming back?” His thoughts spun around, the pain from his own battered body catching up to him. As the elf somehow managed to ignore her own wounds. Her masked faced continued to seem like she was grinning at him, his slowing arm trying to strike once more, missing entirely as she went into a leg sweep knocking Calistan’s legs out from under him. Her follow up strike smashed into his forearm causing a low crack to be heard and a shriek of pain from the human.

“Now, you will leave the Gilnean alone,” The elf spoke while swiftly pinning the man’s remaining arm and legs.

“Nngh…you can’t….order me around…naagh bitch,” He spat out squirming heavily from the pain in his arm. The sounds of metal on stone could be heard as Guards began closing in the cries of pain helping them to locate the source that had earlier cried out.

She gave his good arm a wrench before leaning over the pained man, “Perhaps not, but consider how easily I jumped you Frederick Calistan. Keep it in mind when deciding what to say later. And keep in mind your best didn’t even slow me.” She stated softly before punching him in the head. When he came to Calistan’s fuzzy vision was staring up at the helmeted guards, with the elf no where to be seen. And leaving him far more tight lipped than usual.

((Part of the whole fight thing is me playing around with my ideas on how a Monk would fight and trying to put in some definite ‘Mind of Matter’ type mentality to it. Plus I figured people would enjoy seeing Calistan get his butt kicked >.> ))

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Encounter by the Pond

((Posted 8/9/12 by Nelenna. Re-added paragraph breaks))

Nelenna sat at the edge of Olivia’s Pond, staring off at Stormwind Keep in the distance, still finding it odd how it was no longer home. Still it looked as serene as ever despite all that had happened, but she’d decided not to dwell on recent memories since it served little purpose and instead was simply going to enjoy the view.

Well, until she picked up the pungent scent of alcohol. “Ishnu-Ala, Gilnean.”

Nelenna was taken by surprise at hearing the greeting, forcing her tense body to relax alittle as she looked over and eyed the strange yet familiar elf before her. That long blue braid was flapping about as if daring someone to pull on it. Carrying a keg under one arm her attire looking rather clean despite the smell that would indicate any normal person was dead drunk, excluding dwarves. The elf waited a few moments as Nelenna’s jaw just sort of hung open in surprise at the rather friendly demeanor of the elf, shell shocked and unsure of how to actually proceed.

“…that was a greeting.” The elf remarked with a simple smirk.

“Ah…good eve, woman that’s beaten me up…multiple times…” Nel replied eyeing the elf still somewhat warily though not about to start anything. Given what happened on previous encounters.

“I was not doing that out of ill will Gilnean, you Chi or Lifeforce was conflicted, one side simply trying to suppress the other.” The elf replied before rather casually sitting by Nelenna as if unaware of the Worgen’s tense body language.

“What. You mean my anger issue?” The Gilnean blinked a few times.

“In a sense.”

“How did you even know about that? I’d never met you.”

“It was more of an, aura about you. Generally it’s not so obvious, but you, as humans would say, ‘wear your emotions on your sleeves’.” The blue skinned woman remarked glancing over several earrings glinting in the moonlight, “By making you angry, getting you to fight, you released that energy helping to bring your spirit back into balance.”

“I have felt better, so, you aren’t here to beat me up again right?”

“No, as I said I bear you no ill will I was simply trying to teach.”

“Odd manner of teaching,” The gilnean snorted

The elf shrugged pulling her keg up and taking a rather large swig from it, with how much it smelled like she’d drunk Nelenna was starting to wonder if the Night Elf was somehow part Dwarf. As she seemed rather unfazed by the liquor while quirking a smile, “Perhaps, I have noticed you wear that tabard again, were you readmitted to that unit?”

“Unit? ..oh the Dragoons, yes though they aren’t a part of the Stormwind Military anymore, its complicated,” Nelenna replied with a shrug before suddenly finding that keg in her face, the Elf apparently offering a drink from it. Hesitating for a moment Nel decided to accept, taking a small drink from it and rather roughly started to cough, the liquor far stronger than she expected with a strong underlay of what tasted like honey.

The elf simply laughed jovially, “You should drink more, get use to the strong taste,” She mused while raising a long ear slightly, “That whole incident with the Dragoons didn’t have anything to do with a man called Frederick Callistan did it?”

Nelenna blinked a few times before looking at the elf with a frown, “He wrote a report that got me dismissed from the Dragoons due to the fighting I did with you. How do you know him?” She asked, the worgen becoming a little suspicious all the sudden.

“He was following you, though I do not believe he is anymore. That wasn’t why the unit was dissolved from the Military is it?”

“No, not entirely, a part but a small part. It’s all complicated, I’d rather not dwell on it right now.”

“Very well, dwelling doesn’t do much good anyway,” The Kaldorei took another drink from her liquor laden cask before leaning back and looking up at the Moon, Elune.

“By the way, I’ve never gotten your name,” Nelenna asked suddenly remembering the two had never been properly introduced beyond their fists.

“It is Liathan Swiftstorm,” Liathan spoke still looking up at the moon.

“Nelenna Kaltrone, pleased to meet you…rather than be beat up by you.” Nelenna spoke with a toothy smirk.

“Well, I can always meet your expectations if you desire.” Liathan remarked in deadpan, hiding the small smirk on one side of her face from Nelenna. The worgen frowned body tensing as she tried to determine if the elf was serious or not. Liathan rather suddenly stood, causing the still puzzled Nelenna to reflexively stand incase she was going to be attacked. Though as soon as she had, Nel felt a foot and an arm, the world went topsy turvy and with a loud splash the worgen found herself in the pond. An amused elf smirking.

“What was that for!?!” Nel sputtered and shouted wading out of the water.

“What? Oh I am terribly sorry, you must of slipped I can teach you to be more sure of your footing if you’d like.”

“I DID NOT SLIP!” Nel threw her arms down water splattering everywhere as it was wrenched from her fur.

“I am quite sure you did, “ Lia stated evenly again this time keeping her face entirely straight with a look as if it was a crime to accuse her of wrongdoing.

“Fine I slipped.”

“You should be more careful in the future.”

“Riiiight,” Nelenna gave a brief growl, “I should go dry myself off.”

“May Elune light your path Nelenna,” Liathan gave a bow even as Nelenna started to go by.

“Enjoy your night…strange elf.” There was another splash followed by a growl.

“DAMNIT! That was you!” Came the wet worgen once more.

“Yes, yes it was.”

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I'm Your Huckleberry

((Posted 8/25/12 by Nelenna. Re-added paragraph breaks))

Nelenna stepped out of the Argent Dawn building that the Dragoons had decided to rent out for the time being. She had split feelings about the place, on the plus it felt rather homely like she was use to from Gilneas. On the other hand it felt strange meeting and doing things out of this place rather than the Keep as the unit had down since before Nelenna had even been born from what she’d heard of the unit’s.

She took a turn heading for the stables to check on her animals and nearly ran straight into Liathan, the swift Elf pinned Nelenna against the stone wall briefly, “Ishnu-Ala, Kaltrone!”

Nelenna shoved her away with a frown at her lips, “You can try just saying hi like last time…rather than doing rather weird things.”

The Elf took a step back giving a brief head shake, “My apologies.”

She gave a brief bow braid hanging low. Nel quirked an ear at her crossing her arms, “What do you want now? I’d rather not be thrown into the Canal.”

“I did wish to apologize for the pond, that may have been, rash. And I wish to make it up to you.”

Nelenna tilted her head slightly with a brief snort, “Oh? Well I’m listening, I’m guessing it either involves drinking or punching.” Her voice rather sarcastic as she kept her eyes on the Elf, it was obvious she was wary about Liathan suddenly deciding to attack or some such even though her mind was fairly certain the elf didn’t intend to at all.

“Yes,” Liathan replied missing the sarcasm entirely, "I spent a awhile trying to figure out what I could do to help you and make up for the pond incident. Then I realized the perfect way.”

“You’ll let me beat you up and throw you into a lake?” Nelenna asked more seriously though not moving from her spot.”

“No not directly, while that may bring a kind of balance I was thinking of something more helpful,” She gave Nel a grin that looked rather predatory to the worgen, her stance shifting slightly as Lia leaned more on her right hip.

“What is that?”

“I wanted to teach you how to defend yourself in close combat since my experience with you has shown you really have no idea what to do.” The Kaldorie replied lightly, “What is it you do anyway beyond train animals?”

“I know how to defend myself just fine!” Nelenna protested with a brief glare, “…I mostly scout and fight at range, I don’t let people get close at all usually.”

“But when they do you fight like an animal, no offense intended. You do not anticipate your opponent or try to counter except with the strength that your form naturally gives you. Against a common bandit that is easily more than enough. Against someone like me, you will lose all the time as pure strength can be redirected, dodged or even countered.” Liathan spoke calmly her voice soft, hands making several gestures as if to emphasis her point.

Nelenna however continued to look at her skeptically at the same time looking rather annoyed at the elf’s view of how she fought in close combat. Though she was forced to admit that it was an accurate viewpoint, “How do I know you aren’t just trying to set me up to pummel me again?”

“If the goal was to pummel you, I wouldn’t bother with deceit or manipulation, I’d simply do it,” Liathan crossed her own arms and shook her head, “I swear that I am not trying to trick you Kaltrone. Will you get hit during this? Yes, but I am intending to teach not injure."

The worgen let out a huff as she considered the elf’s offer, she had to admit on one hand learning even some basic techniques to use in close quarters would be tremendously helpful against someone that was more unpredictable than an angry animal. On the other hand she still wondered if the elf was just looking for a reason to justify pummeling her. Though if she brought her turtle Dev along she could be guaranteed back up that fancy kicks and spins couldn’t nullify. She’d seen Dev’s shell deflect bullets, a kick from the elf wasn’t going to phase him in the slightest. “Alright, Liathan. Where and when did you want to, teach me?” Nel asked.

“Near Olivia’s Pond, as for the when, whenever you wish I will remain there at nearly all hours for now,” Liathan replied before giving a small bow to Nelenna, spinning on one heel and walking away.

Nelenna let out a breath shaking her head, realizing this was the first time she’d encountered the elf and hadn’t been pummeled in some weird teaching exercise or thrown into the water. The worgen continued on towards the stables, intending to take her own precautions just on the off chance the elf really wasn’t intending to teach. Though she did sound rather genuine, and every other encounter she had always seemed to have a purpose behind it rather than just wanting to beat Nel up….it was rather confusing for the Worgen.

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Sparring, Facing the Zui Quan Drunken Master

((Posted 8/25/12 by Nelenna. Re-added paragraph breaks))

The dark brown furred Gilnean walked along the pond’s edge, the water being disturbed as Dev trundled through the shallows. The large turtle was even now looking about without a care as he followed Nelenna around oblivious to everything else for the moment. Nel on the other hand was glancing around just on the off chance Liathan was trying to pull something deceptive. Fortunately the sun was high and the noise of other people nearby made it more difficult to do anything rash and go unnoticed.

Ahead she spotted the elf, sitting upon a stump eyes closed. She wore a rather plain loose fitting tunic that clung to her form and a vest. Nel spotted Lia’s fist weapons laying side by side at the base of the stump near that keg the elf always seemed to drag around. This contrasted with the leather’s Nel word to give her some protection without trying to run around in full mail armor given what she had come to hopefully do.

Liathan opened her eyes and gave a small smile before rising from the stump stepping off it smoothly, “Ishnu-Ala Kaltrone, I will admit I am surprised you came so soon. I had expected you to mull over it for a more, prolonged period.”

“Might as well get it over with than dawdle about,” She stated shrugging.

“Your attitude is good, do rather than wait, take action rather than let doubt pervade. However you did not need to bring your gun,” Liathan stated.

“With you, who knows what will happened,” The worgen replied lightly, her long rifle shouldered on her back.

“Prudent, I suppose, shall we begin?” Liathan asked lightly.

“I suppose….how did you plan to go about this?”

“Well first by demonstrating what you are doing wrong. Attack me, with your hands.” Liathan stated shifting one foot back as the elf assumed a pose that Nelenna didn’t recognize as any traditional form of fighting or brawling.

Nelenna took a more cautious route instead of blindly charging as she had previously, the worgen stepped forward in a brief dash stopping before reaching the elf and trying to strafe about Liathan while swinging with one clawed hand. The blow was simply blocked while Liathan grabbed Nelenna’s wrist at the same time and threw her to the ground before assuming her defensive posture again. The worgen blinked a few times before getting back on her feet and striking again, trying to swing more rapidly and not give Liathan any time to do that grab again. Her strikes were stopped cold by the elf’s forearm as she rapidly shifted and moved to avoid the third before twisting her body and grabbing Nelenna’s arm on the fourth, tossing the worgen to the ground again.

“Ack!” Nelenna yelped feeling a brief sharp pain of her guildstone digging into her rump. The worgen wondering how it got into that pouch, it was supposed to be in her vest pouch.

She then discovered it had apparently gotten turned on by the hit when Kaewynn’s voice resonated from the magical device, “Are you all right, Miss Nelenna?”

Nel fished the device out from the pouch speaking into it, “…yes…everything is fine.” Eyes widening when Liathan suddenly moved forward blue hands gripping her leather vest and hurling the worgen over her head entirely into the ground on the otherside of her, “…OW…..hey, time out!”

Liathan leaned down speaking softly, “An enemy wouldn’t wait for convenience.” She moved to grab Nel again but the worgen rolled out of the way.

“I..just need to get this sorted out real quick!” Nelenna remarked.

“You came to train, you need to devote your full focus to it,” Liathan shrugged lightly before slowly advancing her slender form half crouched.

Nelenna swallowed when Alynore’s voice suddenly came out of the guildstone, “Nel, keep your private fun times off the comms please.” Nel swore she heard a male voice stifle a snort over the link.

The worgen scrambled back to her feet and away from the elf who didn’t rushed after her quickly speaking into the stone, “Sorry Commander….wasn’t intentional, got turned on somehow….” Nelenna stopped ears raised and blinking a few times before glaring down at the stone with some indignation, “Wait! …hey this isn’t fun time at all!”

She continued to stare the stone to death when Alynore’s voice came back rather fast as she spoke dryly, “Turned on somehow, eh?”

Nelenna’s jaw dropped, several syllables escaping her mouth as her brain tried to grind into action and simple comprehend what she’d just heard the Commander state, “Wait….” She failed to get out anymore as Liathan made a surprise appearance at the Worgen’s side and tossed her once more, dust rising as the worgen rolled over the ground.

“You need to focus on this, not on misspoken words.” The elf stated lightly.

Nelenna only rolled her eyes giving a huff, “….aaah damnit hold on the Commander thinks I’m having sex with you!” It was then Nelenna realized she’d just spoken that while gripping the guildstone, sending that line to all the Dragoons within hearing range of their stones if they didn’t have them muted. The worgen knew if it wasn’t for the fur she’d be blushing as Liathan shook her head grinning and laughing loudly while rolling back, hair braid getting tossed about. To make it even worse Nelenna heard a female voice that sounded awfully like Delphiee full out laughing over the guildstone.

“Nel. Be more careful when sparring, the comm isn’t that difficult to set,” The commander’s voice spoke again, she didn’t sound like she’d been laughing but she could switch moods so fast Nelenna just wasn’t sure if Alynore was simply holding it back for the moment.

“Sorry! I swear it was turned off….and not in that pouch at all…” Nelenna stammered back, even as she spotted Liathan deciding to make her focus again with a high kick that went wooshing past as Nelenna dove to the ground, “But yes I’ll be more careful! ….ack!” She yelped as her foot got grabbed and Lia dragged her a ways and swung her about before letting go, the worgen landing with a thud.

“Are you going to actually focus now?” Liathan asked sounding a tinge irritated by the interruption of Nelenna’s guildstone event gone awry.

“You could of just waited a few moments!” Nelenna replied alittle annoyed herself.

“Perhaps, but you came here to train, not speak across a magical stone. I was trying to get you to stay on that goal rather than wander off it.” The Kaldorei replied with a small frown.

“Fine, well it’s taken care of now, no thanks to you deciding to throw me everywhere,” Nel inadvertently bared several teeth in annoyance.

“You don’t have to like my methods in order to benefit from them Kaltrone,” Liathan stated nonchalantly before striking a new ready pose that looked far more basic with raised fists, “What you have been doing wrong is straight from the start of your swings. You always swing your entire arm in a long arc rather than doing a straight strike.” The Kaldorie demonstrated by throwing several fast straight punches into the air with her closed fists, she then changed her position to mimic how Nel’s stance always was, more hunched over letting her arms fall away from her body before suddenly charging at Nelenna and swinging in the same manner Nel had at her.

Though Nelenna was surprised she managed to block the lazy swings of the elf despite the fact that she was imitating Nel’s previous speed perfectly. The worgen still had to step back several times as the elf advanced attacking a few more times like an animal before Liathan withdrew and straightened her posture.

“Do you see what I mean? You were able to block my attacks when I replicated your own speed and posture of your basic moves, and you have little experience in close quarters comparably,” The elf’s tone was neutral as she stated everything matter of factly.

Nelenna was forced to nod, “Yes, but it feels more natural to move like that.” “

That is a byproduct of your feral side now, before the curse would you have ever swung like that?”

“, I wouldn’t have.” Nel replied starting to understand better that despite the feel of strength and power in her swings she was actually weakening herself by giving into that desire to fight like, a simple beast.

“You keep a wide stance which is good for stability but you should shorten it a little to help with your mobility. Not too much otherwise you’ll be easier to knock down.“ She demonstrates changing her stance and waiting until Nelenna altered her’s to mimic it. Nel raised her clawed hands in fists despite it feeling rather unnatural to her. “Good, now, again. Strike.”

Nelenna moved forward shifting her body as she struck out at the elf, Liathan’s forearms shifting to block the blows with precision as Nelenna continued to press forward. The worgen managed to force the Kaldorie backwards with her fast assault. Before Nel felt a hand grip her fist during one strike and flip her over onto the ground. “Ow.”

“Better, but you are being too predictable with your attacks,” Liathan remarks coolly, “Again.”

Nel gave a brief growl of annoyance feeling like this was slightly pointless. The gilnean struck out again trying to be unpredictable as she weaved in different punches. The Elf hadn’t even had to tell Nel to try and actually punch her as the worgen wasn’t holding back at all and certainly wouldn’t apologize if she just happened to punch the elf in the head. The elf managed to dodge or deflect most blows though as time passed Nelenna was getting better at moving and striking. Feeling like she could follow the Night Elf’s movements easier. Before she managed to slip around and punch Liathan hard in the side briefly staggering the elf who responded with a kick that Nelenna blocked. She returned with another punch before managing to catch the elfs next kick and throw her into the dust. Liathan sprung back to her feet rather swiftly with a smile.

“Good, you’re showing great improvement, “ Liathan remarked with a nod to Nelenna.

The worgen gave a toothy grin, “I think that is cutting it short I can actually fight you now.”

Liathan shook her head, “Do not get to overconfident Kaltrone.”

“I think you’re just annoyed that I can actually hit you now, I bet you didn’t even expect me to get that far with this training.” Nel spoke still grinning.

“You are mistaken in more ways than one. I am pleased at the progress you’ve made, but I’ve not been fighting with everything I have.” The elf replied with a small shrug while looking directly at Nelenna.

“Uh huh, I doubt it, just trying to maintain being high and mighty,” Nelenna smirked feeling rather confident now.

“If you are really sure on that, I can show you and remove that veil of unwarranted arrogance,” She remarked simply.

The words giving Nel pause briefly. “Wouldn’t I of progressed faster if you actually came at me with everything you had?’ The gilnean asked giving her head a scratch.

“No, because it would have completely crushed your will at any hope of progress towards being able to defend yourself. I wished to teach you some methods of defending yourself, not make you feel hopelessly outmatched,” Liathan shrugged giving a small smile, “You have made quite abit of progress on that part.”

Nel looked alittle perturbed at what felt like arrogant presumptions by the elf, though the back of her mind was telling her given what she’d gone through in the past it may not be arrogance at all, “Then show me, I don’t want to be treated like a handicapped person. I want to see what I could have to deal with if you are actually holding back.”

“Very well,” Liathan shucked off her loss tunic exposing a more tightly bound one beneath it that exposed her arms entirely. Reaching into a pouch Liathan pulled out a large vial, stepping forward as she uncorked it.

“What is that? Some kind of magic potion?” Nelenna narrowed her eyes.

“Not exactly,” Lia smirked bringing it closer to Nel so that the worgen got a sniff of what was the most pungent and foul smelling alcohol she’d ever had pass by her nose.

“Uugh, what is that for?”

“Just an aid, I can fight in top form without it, but it just gives me that extra push so to speak,” Liathan gave a smirk and tilted her head back downing the vial in one gulp. The potent proof of the liquor made even the Kaldorie grimace from the taste.

“You know, drinking really doesn’t make people fight better at all…quite the opposite, “Nelenna stated recalling the bumbling she’d seen drunks do in the past, the sheer uncoordinated stumbling movements as they tried desperately not to fall over.

LIathan grinned widely tossing the empty vial into a pouch and striking a pose that quickly began to wobble unsteadily, “Oooh that is always the good shtuff.” Her movements lucid as Liathan held out of hands exposing the cuffs, fingers curled as if holding a bottle, “Letsh get started then, Kaltroney.” Nelenna blinked watching the tall elf sway back and forth like a tree in the wind, expecting this to just end suddenly with her falling over and blacking out given how potent that liquor had smelled. The elfs movements were completely unsteady and had none of the balance she’d emphasized to Nel earlier from the worgen’s persepective. Nelenna grinned and charged forward striking out with her left hand even as Liathan suddenly wobbled backwards several steps as if trying to avoid falling backwards.

“Wow even drunks have luck,” Nelenna snickered pursuing the warbling drunken elf and swinging her leg to trip the woman right over and end this immediately. As the leg sweeped Liathan tumbled over falling towards the ground, “…I really don’t feel hopelessly outma-.”

Nel’s words got cut off short as in the tumble Liathan pushed off the ground with her hands and wrapped both of her strong legs around the worgen’s neck. In an instant she spun around and took the gilnean with her, before releasing and throwing Nel into the ground. Nelenna coughed into the dirt trying to figure out what had just actually happened, pushing herself back up as the Elf rose with a grin on one foot before wobbling forward. Nel tried to exploit her brief unsteadiness with a higher kick as Liathan leaned forward, only for her to take an unsteady step backwards leaning rather low, the kick going over her. Lia straightened up as Nelenna finished rising only to deliver several punches to the worgen with her cuffs. Stumbling the gilnean, who tried to grab one of Liathan’s wrists only for the elf to stumble right into her causing Nel to reflexively step back, getting grabbed and tripped rather quickly and several kicks delivered to her side. When Nelenna rolled and tried to stand again she found herself being pummeled repeatedly, lashing back out only for Lia to shift out of the way drunkenly. Spinning about and grabbing Nel tossing her a few dozen feet away.

“Nngh ow! Alright alright enough!”

Liathan chuckled half crouched on one foot the other raised off the ground, arms crossed, “It is important never to underestimate an opponent, even one that appears drunk.” She gave the gilnean a lopsided smile.

“Yeah…I’m not even sure what the hell just happened….I’ve never seen anyone fight like that, and do well.”

“And most never will,” Liathan stated walking back over to the stump before sitting down, “I think you’ve done enough for today. You still need more practice but you do have the bare basics down if someone does get close before you, shoot them with that gun.”

“Thanks….though I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow,” Nelenna rubbed her arms and sides, “Thanks for the pointers.”

“You’re welcome Kaltrone,” Liathan replies simply closing her eyes as Nelenna heads off.

Her large turtle Dev trundling after her giving several amused mewling snorts as if he had been entertained by what had happened. “Oh be quiet you,” Nelenna stated to the mewling turtle.

((I know that in actuality the real form of Drunken Boxing has nothing to do with being intoxicated and is in fact rather dangerous to try and utilize it while inebriated. But With fantasy its more fun to have alcohol actually make it even more effective >.> ))