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General Information


Name: Arguine Masterson


Age: 28


Gender: Male


Physical Appearance: Surprisingly lanky for a warrior. Roughly 6'0" with some muscle, but hardly what you'd expect from a soldier of his age. Has no noticable scars or otherwise defining features. 


Education: Upon turning 18 he joined the Alliance military and was trained as any other Alliance soldier, was sent off to fight the Horde and other threats to the Alliance. Has fought in many wars and seen much battle. Before that he was a blacksmith's apprentice, honing his skills even to this day. 


Skills: Mining and blacksmithing to create and improve armor and weapons. Learning to cook and fish, finds little time to do so. History buff, spends a large portion of his time reading old tomes to brush up on historical events.




Personality: Very quiet until whatever situation requires his input. He spends far more time studying other people's emotions than providing input to conversations. Tends to carry himself with dignity, but is often quite sarcastic and cynical. He spends quite some time making sure that he looks decent, with an emphasis on his hair. Although he may come off as cold and calculating, his jovial side comes out every once in a while.


Weaknesses: Lack of strength. It may be odd for a warrior, but he is just strong enough to lift his greatsword. Try as he may to make up for it in speed, cleaving a foe in half isn't possible for him. He also has a tendency to overindulge in bars across Azeroth, even keeping a couple of bottles in his bag.


One Or Two Memorable Traits: His pre-battle speeches are considered legendary among his fellow soldiers. He also reads way more than you'd expect of a typical warrior.




Personal History: Born in a time where the Orcish Horde was considered to be the ultimate enemy, Arguine spent many years dreaming of joining the Alliance military to take the battle right to them. When he finally came of age, the temporary ceasefire between the Alliance and Horde had fallen apart, and he immediately enlisted. Travelling across the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, Arguine proved himself time and time again to be a capable soldier, so he was assigned to prove his worth in Outlands. Not only was he able to take on two Hordes at once, but the Burning Legion and native threats as well. He fought in the war against the Scourge, helping take the battle to the Lich King himself. He was there during the Cataclysm, providing aid wherever needed. When the mists opened over Pandaria, he was among the many Alliance soldiers who braved the new land and fought against the Horde. His relationship with the Alliance has been rocky over the past several years, however, as he has come to find a respect for the Horde, and has struggled through Alliance politics. After the Landfall on Pandaria, he finally resigned from the Alliance military to pursue his own ventures.


Reason for Joining: Although done with the Alliance's military, Arguine is far from done fighting. His aim is to be a bit less trapped in rules and regulations and have more freedom to fight who he feels to be the present threat, and he knows the generic army is not the way to get that done. There's little glory to be won for those soldiers. He seeks more than just war, but honour, justice, and glory. Upon hearing about The Silver Dragoons, he is convinced that they are the ones to turn to.


((OOC Info


Still pretty new to RP-ing, so advice is appreciated. I'm a full time student, so my availability is sort of just logging on whenever I have free time. My headset is going through some odd technical difficulties, so it may be a while before I can get onto vent, otherwise nothing much to say here.))

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((Welcome! My time is limited

((Welcome! My time is limited to late evenings lately, but any other Meddler and Dragoon can help out. If you have the chance, 7pm Central time is when the RP events happen; Inkwell on Tuesdays, in the little library across from the Stockades, and Dancing Dragon on Fridays at the well in the Mage Quarter (outside the Slaughtered lamb/warlock trainers).

Our IC guild meetings are on Wednesdays, in the Argent Dawn building in Cathedral Square (behind the orphanage). At 7pm Central, again. It's good to try to make it to RP events and interact; it'll certainly help the process along!

Please look over the OOC rules as well; keep chat channels clean and drama free, basic stuff. We're super friendly and helpful, and believe in paying favors and help forward. :)

Also, if if you need help with lore and RP stuff, ask! We have folks who love to talk about it all. There are some topics in the Dragoon forums to help with those sort of questions too. Keeping your backstory simple and vague for now works really well; you have the basics down, details can come later.

As for Mumble, don't worry too much; we chat in the evenings sometimes, but it's mostly for our Flex raid runs, and all you really need to be able to do is listen.))