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[Anwyna] RE: Dragoon Beloric Aquitane

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Commander Forrester,

I have given Dragoon Aquitane a thorough physical and deemed him healthy enough to not be kept on bed rest. He confessed that the Priests at the Cathedral of the Holy Light have been keeping him under a constant stream of healing magic, and as such, his internals have mended well, and he moves under his power just fine.

I informed him of the need to take things easy, and let his body readjust to not being under the strain of constant healing energy. He is not to roam far(I gave him permission to visit Elwynn Forest), engage in combat, or even physical training, until it is determined that he can handle it once again. I also reminded him to keep his commstone with him at all times and report in should he feel any kind of ill.

Additionally, Dragoon Dempsy claimed that Dragoon Aquitane was attempting to sneak out from under the care of the priests and lied to his face about it. There seems to be a growing tension between the pair that I would recommend being watched and/or dealt with before their next combat mission together.

-Dragoon Anwyna Evershine


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Dragoon Evershine,Thanks for

Dragoon Evershine,

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll have a talk with Beloric about why you don't nip out of healing or lie to fellow Dragoons. As for him and John, we can always lock those two in a room to hash out the stress until they get along again.

I think I'll also send a note to Daevra about getting Dragoon Aquitane some time with Vasily. The recent events haven't been terribly easy for the guy.

~Cmdr. Alynore Forrester

Report from Sergeant Harrigan

Commander -  I talked to Dragoons Dempsy and Aquitaine.

Aquitaine left the Cathedral once before when he wasn't fit.  He also lied to Dempsy about where he was, like Dempsy reported.

Dempsy needs to stop being a mother hen.  I don't know what's going on with those two.


Gave them both a lesson about trust and honesty and one on listening to the healers.  I sent them off to sort this thing out between them and talk to October if they have to.

I don't know if Aquitaine was just tired of being mothered or what, but he can't screw with the unit's trust.  Got no idea what Dempsy's problem is, but I understand why he didn't believe Aquitaine.

Up to you whether either one of them needs anything else.  I'm done playing da.