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[Venner] Poker Night

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"I don't know how on Azeroth he does it," Llane said, riffling the deck of cards. "The man is implacable." Arkav just smiled, raking in his accumulated chips with one hand and taking a sip from his glass of milk with the other. Putting the glass down, he felt a sudden urgent tug at his belt, and turned to look in that direction.

Llane and Gilly's three-year old daughter stared up at him, holding a plate of cookies. "Y-yes, uh, Annelise?" Arkav said.

"Mister Kav," she began, "Mommy says I have to share my milk with you. But milk's no good without cookies!" To Arkav's surprise, she held up the plate. "Do you want some?"

Arkav smiled. "T-thank you," he said, reaching down and taking the plate with one hand, and grabbing a cookie in the other. He took a bite, turning back to the other players, who were watching him with expressions ranging from amused smirks to out-and-out smiles.

Annelise surprised him once again, suddenly clambering up onto his lap. "How 'bout we share?" she suggested, reaching for a cookie of her own.

Llane levelled a finger at Arkav, shooting him a mock-glare. "No teaching my daughter how to be a card sharp," he said with a wink


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((One year later: Annie

((One year later: Annie starts beating Venner at poker and taking all of his money to buy toys))

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"All the cookies, Daddy! All

"All the cookies, Daddy! All the cookies!"

"I travel, I write, I kill things."