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The Lich King's weekend getaway, 11/6/10 7:00 PM

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Arthas must fall! Don't stand in Defile!


Staroda, Protection Warrior

Julica, Blood Death Knight


Dacianna, Holy Paladin

Lirriel, Discipline Priest

Darlain, Holy Priest


Dolraan, Retribution Paladin

Drauglos, Arms Warrior

Arlinaria, Marksman Hunter

Raksasha, Survival Hunter

Twizzle, Arcane Mage


Blackmask - Standby credit awarded!

Raitha - Standby credit awarded!



Henii, Fire Mage


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le tonkin'

le tonkin'

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More Daci Powah!

More Daci Powah!

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I read the title as "Arthas

I read the title as "Arthas mus fall down, stand in defile!"


Rastila's picture

Every time I log onto the

Every time I log onto the site, I read it differently. "Arthas much stand in the defile!" "Arthas must fall in the defile!" "Drogar fell into Arthas' defile and loved it!"

It never fails.

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I be working Saturday evening

I be working Saturday evening so I have to step down

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

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I am still at my fair for our

I am still at my fair for our foundation's radio show...don't know when I'll be back :-(   it wasn't supposed to go this long!!!!! at least I have internets, but no wow :/