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The Trial

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After a long and tortuous week the trial had come to an end, finally Azeroth would be ridden of the name Hellscream and start healing... again. The Plague still had some hold in the Northern Kingdoms despite the druids efforts, some say the land will never truly heal, the havoc the elements wrought was still being dealt with and now, the sha infestation of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. How much more the world could take before collapsing like Draenor? 

Jormund crossed his arms taking a deep breath trying to stay calm. It has been an uphill battle so far but somehow he could manage to get through the worst testimonies without having to be pulled out of the court by some pandaren guard. The arms of his chair was pretty battered though from the constant bashing, squeezing and pulling as he tried to stay calm during the harshest of testimonies... Fortunately Southshore was hardly mentioned. The testimony of the Dragonqueen was the one that struck deeper. Everyone roared with outrage at the images of the Vision, before he could think Jormund was up as well his whole body completely tense fighting off with every inch of his being trying not to do anything he would regret, he bit his tongue and forced himself to sit down. Fortunately his chair was sturdy enough to not break. When it was Baine´s turn to interrogate her Jormund could feel everyone shooting him a "thread lightly" glare. Which he did, not because of the glares obviously. Life-Binder indeed. Her answers made the paladin chuckle as they made him remember of his own mother. No matter how many terrible things he did she would always forgive him. Yes, that´s probably how everyone felt at that moment. The Dragonqueen saw everyone as her beloved children.

Baine did well, he threaded carefully during his questionings and Jormund found himself sometimes nodding in agreement with the bull. Tyrande on the other hand just let loose to everything she could use always respectfully of course, certainly the job of the Accuser looked much more simpler. Specially if the Accused was a mass murderer among other things. 

The closing statements both make good points. Jormund wouldn´t admit it but he felt more inclined to agree with Baine than Tyrande. He had changed since he joined the Dragoons, met Rhiswyn, he had to learn about tolerance again while he worked with Thunderstill and Anwyna two Horde defectors and he could finally start trusting others again. After the statements Taran Zhu gave the Accused permission to speak. Jormund didn´t expect much from the orc, he remained passive during the whole trial but any half-witted idiot who knew how to play cards know how to disconnect completely from whatever is happening or keep a straight face. Specially those whose life is practically forfeit. His whole body tensed again during Garrosh´s rant but then a sudden cry coming from the general area where the King and Lady Proudmoore were sitting made him jump to his feet. 

Kairoz had suddenly dropped the Vision of Time to the floor creating some kind of portal to who knows where. Jormund roared with frustration as he saw the Garrosh and Kairoz slipping out so easily as the temple was suddenly under attack. As the dampening field fell he could feel his grasp of the Light grow stronger by the second and just in time, pirates broke in out of nowhere as another group in the sky bombarded them with what looked like small mana-bombs. As he fought every pirate that came across him, he needed to regroup with the rest of the Dragoons, the whole place was a mess of people fighting against each other and each time he heard a detonation on the far side of the temple he couldn´t help but to worry about Rhiswyn, the guards took her to the holding cells after her outburst during Proudmoore testimony...

"She´ll be fine. You need to stay alive..." he said to himself as another detonation made him turn again "Light, keep her safe." 

A pirate slashed at his throat, Jormund closed in on him and stroke at him with his palm straight to the pirate´s nose before punching him a few times on the chest and finally knocking him out with a roundhouse kick. As the pirate went down Jormund blinked surprised at his own reactions. 

"This monk stuff does work!"  

He takes the pirate´s weapon and a piece of chair as an improvised shield and joins the fight. The infinite dragons circled over the Temple while their riders dropped mana-bombs on the fight below hitting friend or foe alike. He finally manages to join a group of uknown people that were trying to organize everyone to protect a  group of three healers as they tended to the wounded. So focused he was on a group of pirates that he could barely hear the worning coming from the person next to him, he caught a glympse of what was coming and he automatically casts a shield over the healers and jumps toward the mana-grenade bashing it with the piece of the chair detonating it upon contact. 

The explosion deafened him, the bright violet light blinded him and a searing pain coursed through his arm almost feeling it turn his bones to crystal and his flesh into sand, the overload of arcane energies coursed through his body causing him and excruciating pain as he tried to keep his mind focused on calling upon the Light to keep his body together. The seconds turn into hours until a warm wave of bright light envelops him and everything around him. His body finally relaxed and his mind drifted away into unconsciousness.



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(( Jormund doing "monk

(( Jormund doing "monk stuff." XD

This was a great read. Going to be a lot of exciting RP in the weeks ahead. ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."