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Julong: Broken spirit.

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Just a heads up. Spoilers violence and possible tear jerking ahead!

Julong was tired, it had been more then a week of talking and searching for 'answers'. The answers were Garrosh was a terrible power hungry child, there would be no proving him innocent, no 'you have the wrong guy'. Throw him in a cell and let him rot if no one wants to kill him. "Or better yet let me do it!" the thought rang out through his head so loudly he thought the others sitting near by could hear him over the rumble of the angry mob. . . 

Wait, why was everyone yelling, had he missed something? The ruling? 

About the time he stood up to see whats going on the portals started opening and out poured all manner of doppleganger. He was sitting in a section where he could see a few of the meddlers and dragoon. Saw a rather angry death knight charge Sir Dolraan, and saw the Fireclaw's trying to run out.  

"What I wouldn't give for my Rifles!" He mutteres under his breath as a young troll girl running for the door trips behind him. He turns to offer his hand to help her up, she takes it and before he can offer anymore assistance she is gone sprinting out the door. 

Suddenly pain runs down his back like he has never felt before. He falls to his knees screaming. Before he can get up it happens again this time accompanied by a growl, the unmistakable growl of a wolf. He whirls around catching the beasts lower jaw with his hands, its teeth digging in threatening to break his grip. The beasts owner wanders over and holds his blunderbuss to Julongs face. Julong stared up at the assailants face, a twisted and scarred version of his own.

 "I don't know who you are, but I got a job to do. Now stay still so I can shoot you clea. . . " In a blur of black and white the copy and his Wolf are thrown across the floor, Baisi must have sensed the trouble and fought her way in. He could kiss that tiger right now! but that would have to wait the wolf had already recovered and was making its way towards him at a full sprint. Behind the wolf Baisi had Alt-Julong pinned to the ground but he was almost reaching his weapon, Julong needed to get over there and help her. He charged at the wolf. The beast jumped over people swerved between them it was almost on him. He needed to time his next action perfectly. He knew what he had to do.

The wolf leaped.

Julong planted his feat and reached at the wolfs open jaw. 


He lept over the beasts body and turned to find his next target. 



As the dust settled at the end of the day, the fighting was over, the dead were being gathered Julong sat on the railing of a deck overlooking the ocean. . . Alone. The most alone he had been since he was a cub and found a orphaned tiger cub while wondering through a forest on the great turtle. 

Where to now? When to now? He didn't know which he felt more Rage or sadness. What he did know was someone was going to pay. 

(Appearently my copy of MS word is dead so I had no spell/grammar check hope its not to horrible. And I hope its not to poorly written, this was pretty much what I had planned for julong all along. its gonna rock his world ICly for quite a while but the growth coming out of it will be good I think.)