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<"That was close brother. Can you stand?">

Jormund grabbed the stretched hand and was easily pulled up to his hooves. Wait... hooves?.

<"W-what happened?"> he heard himself ask. 
<"Orcs had breached the outer defenses of the temple. I´ve never imagined they would have the courage to attempt an assault this large.>

What was going on? He recognized some of the words but he couldn´t make sense from any of it. Was it draenic? Where was he? He didn´t recognize this place. A paved courtyard surrounded by immense walls under a dark-blue night sky. Draenei in numbers Jormund never imagined could exist were running around carrying their own orders, some outfitted for war equipped with massive ornmented weapons made of the draenei´s distinctive violet crystal. 

A loud battle horn echoed withing the walls. Jormund picked up his own arms, a mace and a massive shield and quickly joined the Vindicator as they raced to the front gate.

<"Get those civilians to the temple, quick!"> the Vindicator ordered, two younger draenei on the rear quickly broke ranks and guided the family out of the courtyard. The draenei Vindicator turned to his troops. <"Rise up brothers and sisters, our prophet watch over us, the sacred Naa´ru gives us strength! Let them come I say! We driven them back once, we will do so again!">

The courtyard flooded with roars and cheers as the Vindicator signaled the Rangari captain on top of the walls.

<"Loose!!"> he commanded.

The pounding on the door was replaced by horrendous howling of pain and anger making some of the younger soldiers cringe. Jormund was no exception. He tightened his grip on his mace and waited trying to steady his breathing.


The pounding quickly turned into a headache that made him wake up and a surge of pain coming from his arms forced him to sit but a steady hand held him down, instinctively Jormund grabbed the arm ready to break it but a second set of arms kept him from making any other movements.

-"Calm down human. The battle has passed." a gentle female voice said making his head throb 
-"Th-... The healers... the others..." -Jormund muttered his headache keeping him from opening his eyes
-"They are all safe." 
-"The verdict, what was the verdict?" he asked as he released the arm and covered his eyes. It was too bright.
-"Hellscream escaped. He..."
-"I know." Jormund cut her off abruptly "The verdict from the Celestials, what was it?! Did anyone asked?!"
-"Garrosh Hellscream would live, so that he would continue to learn. Wisdom, fortitude, strength, and hope cannot be learned in death. Life is not about reward and punishment. It is about understanding, accepting who oneself is right now, in order to know what to change, and how. With all of our blessings, and the knowledge you have obtained of your own hearts and minds and those of others, your task is to go back into the world and do what you must." -the female voice rescited.

Jormund remained silent for a while, taking in the words. It was as he expected. The August Celestials were the embodiments Wisdom, Strength, Fortitude and Hope and as such none of them would support a death-sentence even if the entire world was craving desperately for it.

-"Thank you." -he finally said- "How long I was out? Where am I?"
-"Just a few days. It would´ve been more if it wasn´t by the Red Crane, you are in the Healing Chambers of the Temple of the White Tiger. It was considered unwise to move you any further."

He swallowed before asking.

-"...why can´t I move my right arm? Do I still have it?"
-"Yes, you do. It´ll take some time and constant treatment before you can."

Jormund finally opened his eyes and turned to see what happened to his right arm. It changed to a clear tone of violet with purple lines all around it, his veins he guessed, he tried to move his fingers but they simply didn´t respond.

-"How long?"- he asked dryly.
-"I... "- the monk hesitated -"We don´t know... we´ve never faced this kind of injury before but with the right treatment I´m sure we can..."
-"Would you please leave?" Jormund eyed the pandaren monk "I´d like to rest a bit more my head is killing me."

The female nodded and got up from the paladin´s side, she bowed before closing the blinds. Jormund clenched his fist and tensed his jaw.

-"Damn it..." he muttered

A single tear slipped from the corner of his right eye dropping on the pillow.


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((Oh snap.  He was in the

((Oh snap.  He was in the melee of the grenades?  That's brutal))

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Went back and reread the end

Went back and reread the end of the last one. So many blogs!

Rhis is going to be ticked if she doesn't hear about this and get to do anything to help. Not that she has much choice right now...

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(( Aw, man...somebody is

(( Aw, man...somebody is going to pay for this. ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."