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[Coggleonty] In the name of Medicine

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[First blog about my first gnome alt! Yay!]


"This is what happens whenever you try to arm the cannon all by yourself, now stop complaning. It´s not that bad..." 

Coggleonty pressed his glowing hands gently over the injuried carnie`s side in an attempt to heal most of the bruising. Injuries like these were common if you worked in the Darkmoon Faire, everything was meant to be done quickly with cheap but sturdy and safe materials making the structure safe for use and easy to transport. The problem lied in the process, one of every three of Silas´s employees ended up in the infirmary or "The Wounded Pit" because of some work accident.

"Now, I´ve managed to heal most of it but you should take it easy for the rest of the day." the gnome explained patiently to the young night elf as he swiftly bandaged his shoulder and torso "Just avoid heavy-lifting." he added before the elf could protest.

It looked like he had stabbed the poor elf on the chest and twisted the knife instead of healing him, Coggleonty sighed rolling his eyes.

"Most girls preffer responsible men than shallow muscleheads Velarion. Now off with you, I´ve got more patients to work with..." he said shooing him away.

As Velarion walked out of the tent, Coggleonty couldn´t help but to make a quick calculation on how long would it take the elf to hurt himself again, he sighed and stretched his arms and his back a little... the amount of people like Velarion was always increasing but there weren´t many healers working full-time on the Faire, funnily enough one would think he had the most work when the Faire was open to the public but that week was when he could take it easy, there were lots of adventurers willing to help out treating the injured and most of them were quite good... probably because adventuring gave them a lot of room to practice.

As he sorted through his belongings looking for his favorite pipe a clinking sound caught his attention, it was a small cog made of iron adorned with the characteristical purple and copperish brown of his people. He took the small medal in his hands feeling its weight. Not every gnome received The Iron Cog, awards weren´t something the High Tinker gave away lightly, it was a rare honor.

"But I knew five-hundred others that certainly deserved it..." he mumbled and grabbed the box of matches and his tobacco pouch. He sat on the only chair he owned and lit his pipe letting the smoke fill both the tent and his lungs.

Operation Gnomeregean was not only a mission to take back the old capital, it was also a big lab project. A few theories were developed that could help cure the radiated gnomes and gradually help them recover their minds. Of course with every new theory, tests needed to be made. The resaults of the simulations were promising, every theorical diagram based on the data they managed to gather on Thermaplugg`s lepper gnomes led to a good resault. 

... but it wasn´t enough.

... they needed more test subjects.

... they needed to tip the scales on our favor for the cure to work.


Coggleonty tapped his fingers nervously as he looked over the old schematics of the Capital, all teams were moving swiftly over their designated points of entry, though his gazed was locked on the vent shaft 423, Trogg Squad, his former team, they were the best... but he couldn´t help being worried. Maybe they would be able to escape. 


"This is the time for truth, my esteemed colleagues. Thermaplugg is making his move."  

Everyone turned to the head researcher and nodded, everyone except Coggleonty. He knew what was about to happen, every fiber of his being screamed in outrage but his mind remained passive. They needed to do this. If Operation Gnomeregean were to succeed and a cure for their infected comrades was to be found, this was it.

He lowered his head on the schematics, arms stretched over the strategic board, suddenly he closed his fists and raking on the map with his nails. No. This wasn´t it. This wasn´t the solition he wanted. He suddenly got up and walked straight to one of the radio handlers.

"Sir? What are y-"

Before he could finish he took a wrench to the jaw that knocked him out of his chair. Coggleonty leaned on the horn and flicked the switch opening the emergency channel. 

"TO ALL UNITS! ABORT! ABORT!" he yelled through the horn

Everyone in the research team turned to Coggleonty.

"STOP HIM! HE´LL RUIN EVERYTHING!" The head researcher screamed as she charged towards him



Coggleonty felt almost a hundred hands grabbing him from his robe and pulling him away, he felt hands punching him and nails scratching him as he made his way out of Tactical Center. The punching and scratching roughed him up a little but it was nothing serious, a few seconds later a rumbling coming from the lost capital made the camp shake and the gnome fell to his knees. He got up shove off the snow from his robes and sat on a stump, with shaking hands he placed some of his favorite tobacco on his pipe and lit it up. 

"Are you alright sir? You look pretty roughed up..." 

The voice startled him, he looked up and calmly exhaled a cloud of smoke. A young foot soldier stood in front of him a concerned look on her big eyes.

"Last minute replacement?" Coggleonty asked her with a weak smile.
"Apparently I missed the fun..." the soldier replied sighing

Coggleonty chuckled bitterly.

"You have a name missy?"
"Bixie Acerspinner 42nd S.A.F.E support regiment, and you are?"
"Just a simple gnome, you can call me Coggle. Welcome to Gnomeregean."
"Aren´t you with the medical research group? I mean... because of your robes." 
"Right until a while ago..."

Bixie tilted her head confused. Coggleonty simply exhaled another cloud of smoke.

"Tell me Bixie..." his voice broke his hands started to shake "Why do I have to kill if I´m a doctor?"


"Why, indeed..." he said with a soft voice, the medal still on his grasp.

A voice startled him pulling him away from his mind.

"Sorry to bother you doc, you got a minute? It´s Velarion... again..."

Coggleonty chuckled.

"I´ll be there in a moment."

Without a second thought he threw the useless piece of metal into the trunk and grabbed his kit. 


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((Ohh, I like it, we should

((Ohh, I like it, we should scene about how to get him introduced to folks.))

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((I have a few ideas! Maybe

((I have a few ideas! Maybe on Wednesday after the dragoon meeting or on Friday!

-IF- we are not beat up to a pulp because yay RL. <_<U...))

"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"