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Site Updates May 31 2010

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Just want to give everyone a heads up with what's going on with our lovely new site.

  1. We are using a temporary theme for the site. Rhia has graciously agreed to try and make us a custom theme, as she has some experience with them. Expect some updates and some changes to make the site out own in the near future!
  2. The signup module has the ability to add and modify what fields show up on it. The only issue is that it is dependant on modifying some of the files in the site's theme. So, once we get our new theme up and running, I'll be working on adding these extra fields to the signups: Character, Class, Role, Standby. If there are other fields that we want to add, let me know and we can look into adding it.
  3. I'm still working on getting us a real calendar, that the signups can show up on. It's unfortunatly not as easy as I had hoped, but don't fret, I'm working on it!
  4. I'm going to be putting in a permissions module, that will allow us to set permissions for some forums. That way, we can make sure those sneaky non-meddlers people don't abscond with our secret plans for world domination cookie recipies.
  5. Darlain is working on migrating the YouTube thread (again). It's our biggest and most popular thread, so it'll take a little to get it back, but don't fret! It will return!
  6. Our lovely Cerwis is working on a banner for us. Make sure to post any ideas on the stickied topic about the site banner sickied at the top of the front page!
  7. I've gotten us a module to edit posts. If anyone knows of different ones they think would work better, let me know and I'll look into changing it. I think the one we're currently using (TinyMCE, I believe) is pretty simple and does what it needs to do.
  8. We do have an RSS feed for all our posts. At the bottom of the page, there's a little RSS icon, you can subscribe to the site's feed from there.

I think that's all for now! I'll post more updates as they happen!


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Finkles, read your mails :-)

Finkles, read your mails :-)