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Horde is Horde

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The Swamp of Sorrows was eerily quiet, which was putting the Horde convoy on edge as their wagon moved along the road having left Bog Paddle earlier in the day heading towards Stonard with supplies destined for Vol’jin’s forces that were helping to hold back the Iron Horde.  Not only was the wagon weighted down with equipment but so was the Kodo that pulled it.  Convoy guards flanked both sides of the wagon their gaze scanning the road and the swamp.

The silence was pierced by a gunshot, the bullet whizzing past its intended target. The convoy guards readying their own guns and axes even as Iron Horde raiders burst onto the road engaging the guards in a melee.  The orc handling the wagon’s reins tried to maintain control even as the kodo thundered back and forth in an ungainly fashion trying to knock the brown orcs away.

Several blasts of fire shot out from the other side of the road blasting the Kodo’s reins apart even as a massive gust of wind not only knocked the combatants down but sent the wagon rolling backwards out of the melee. The Orc at the reins let out a sharp cry as she leaped from the runaway supply cart as it careened and flipped over.

The ground beneath the Orcs feet began to rumble even as they stumbled back up both sides briefly looking unsure of whether they should be the ones running or not. The moment passed as the ground itself seemed to grab their boots and start dragging the Orcs and several trolls down into the ground until most of their upper torso was surrounded by dirt. All of them struggled in vain trying to free themselves from the earth that had come alive a few moments ago but not stood still holding them within its grasp.

Asharin’s hooves dug into the earth slightly as she stepped up onto the road and into view, but she didn’t give the soldiers that had managed to hold onto their weapons a chance to respond before outstretching her hands causing the earth to rumble again as cracks began to crisscross the splitting dirt. The cracks turned crimson as fire and steam jetted out, the soldiers of both Hordes intensified their struggling even as the ground dried out as the temperature rose dramatically. Their struggles turning to bellows as the fire spilled forth and roasted both sides indiscriminately.

Once the fires had died down the draenei shaman stepped forward moving through the charred corpses, hands still dug into the ground or otherwise outstretched from their final moments. A small smirk upon her lips as she passed the corpses and reached the wagon she’d pushed out of the area. Blinking a moment as a pained grunt reached her ears causing Asharin to walk around the wagon to find the female orc that’d been controlling the wagon pinned beneath it.

On catching sight of Asharin the green orc shouted something in Orcish towards her while still trying to get herself unpinned.

“You shouldn’t be here, you should be over there, yes yes. In the garden with the others, oh well sometimes you get strays,” Asharin remarked pulling her fist back as fire coalesced around it before she swung forward releasing a molten fireball at the driver. The ball of flame slammed into the ground next to the Orc missing entirely and causing Asharin to frown.

The draenei’s goggles whirled as she threw out several lightning bolts at the Orc, each one hitting randomly next to her. Asharin let out a cry of frustration before grabbing the mace hanging by her thigh raising it and quickly bringing it down on the Orc only for her arm to jerk and shake refusing to finish the swing.

She let out several draenic curses, “Even when happily asleep you have to make things difficult Nirahsa! You don’t like orcs any better! Stop it!” She growled out while still trying to attack the pinned orc to no avail as each swing was stopped by what felt like an invisible force.

“Fine!” Asharin stated before turning her attention back to the supply wagon. She called on the earth once more this time summoning forth half a dozen lesser elementals and directing them to grab specific crates and barrels from the wagon. Their strength allowed them to make off with a good chunk of the wagon’s supplies, the draenei shaman looking satisfied.

“Those will certainly be helpful, yes.” She looked back at the Orc who was still trapped and eyeing the draenei warily. Asharin suddenly grinned, “Oh, yes yes, that’ll work.” She laughed giddily before releasing a flameshock into the wagon setting one of the barrels on fire.


Without any further words, Asharin headed back into the swamp with her pilfered supplies leaving the orc to the growing fire.