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Inner/Outer World

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Nirahsa frowned a moment as she looked off at the horizon, a small wisp of smoke rising where Lakeshire would be.  Her tendrils shifted erratically belying the draenei’s nervousness. News had come of an Orc raiding party in the Redridge Mountains and Dacianna had gone to investigate. She didn’t know why she worried, a small band of Orcs wasn’t going to stop Daci.

Shari stood beside Nira hugging her leg while craning her head to look up at the tinkerer, “Is Aunty Daci going to be alright?”

The tinkerer put of a smile as she looked down running a hand through Shari’s hair affectionately, “Of course sweetie, Daci wrestles Dragons, this a piece of cake as the humans say yes yes.” She dropped her arm down to give the small draenei a side hug.

“Aunt Daci’s war mace is very heavy but she swings it around so easily I bet it’s heavy enough that she could use it to hold Orcs down!”

Nira laughed lightly, “She probably could, I’m sure she’ll be home by the time the sun sets Little Cog.”

Her gaze shifted to the horizon again, the smoke seemed to have stopped which was a very encouraging sign.


Asharin prodded the campfire with a stick, shifting coals around as she stared at the blaze. Listening to each crackle as it smoldered and burned

“It’s a shame you have to stay asleep Nirahsa, yes yes,” She stated sounding rather sad, “You’re the only one that understands, yes. But you run away from it, yes yes. You follow their rules and reasoning.”

She flipped a flaming piece of wood over in the fire.

“Why do you do that Nirahsa? Why do you leave me alone with no one because everyone else says the Orcs shouldn’t be punished?” The draenei gazed into the glow hearing several pops from the burning wood. Around her the supplies she’d stolen were amassed, she was sitting atop a crate using it as a makeshift seat.

“You get it all, your love Dacianna, Shari, a happy life for staying out of my way. I wish I still had that, yes yes, but I can’t, Shari is dead, I promised to look out for her and I failed,” She stated bitterly to herself closing her eyes tightly to ward off several tears before opening them again while raising her eyes up from the fire, the world around her pitch black from gazing at the fire for so long. After several moments however a dull red glow appeared in the distant horizon pulsing every so often.

“But, if that portal goes back to Draenor….my Draenor, I don’t have to fail no no. I might be able to fix it, yes, and put the monsters down before they ever come near my Little Cog.”