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Nowhere is Safe

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She stumbled into the cave leaving a small trail of blue blood behind her as the tinkerer gripped her right arm. She glanced back before clenching a fist while forcing the elements to respond, the earth shuddering as the entrance was swallowed up in rocks with only a few places for the light to peek through. Moving over to a rock the shaman slumped down on it before again trying to heal the wounds she’d suffered, but finding that no matter how she shouted she just couldn’t control the slippery water element finely enough to do anything at all about her injuries.

“Useless Orcish traditions, no point to a power that won’t do as it’s told, no no,” She muttered while applying pressure to the cut in her arm trying to stem the bleeding while finding some scraps from her bag to use as a tourniquet 

Today had not been a good day for her, not in the slightest. First her work had been interrupted by that Vindicator Dacianna and the Pandaren Jia-Lian. They tried to tell her it was time to go back of all the absurdities one could spout. Orcs spilling out of the portal and they thought it was time for her to leave?  She’d said no of course but the two wanted to press the point they just wouldn’t leave her alone to do what had to be done.

She winced while tightening and tying off a segment of rubber tubing since it was all she had to use for a bandage. It did the job however the wound slowly ceased bleeding and Asharin leaned back against the cave wall.

They’d attacked her, why had they done that? Worry over other Orcs attacking them? That is a stupid reason the orcs will attack anyway. Unless they had sided with the Orcs and it had all been a ruse to try and get her to lower her guard. The pandaren it would easily make sense she’d been with that Horde at the start anyway, little traitor bear. Dacianna though, she was a Draenei, a Draenei wouldn’t side with the Orcs. Though Vasily had gone on about how all Orcs were not bad. Were they planning on betraying her to the Orcs? Her own people tossing her away in some vain hope that it will stave off the murderous horde for a few more nights?

Asharin shook her head closing her blue eyes a moment biting back several tears at that thought. It was hard to accept but it was really the only conclusion or reason why they’d attacked her. Now they were dead, blown off the cliff when she’d detonated her explosives to cause a massive landslide and glider away. She’d killed a Draenei, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, and she wasn’t supposed to have to hurt her own kind! She was trying to protect them and they were attacking her! Why were they giving in to the Orcs instead of fighting them!?

They had to be though, she’d ended up landing almost right on top of an Iron Horde patrol, and they shouldn’t have been there. They knew where she was going to land, they’d been warned by Dacianna and Jia-Lian. Probably set up patrols around the entire area to look for her to. She’d killed the patrol of course but it had cost her and she’d incurred several more wounds.

Then she’d made her way here, to this cave that was a fallback for her, it didn’t have much in the way of supplies but it gave her cover from the Horde looking for her. Her mind raced trying to figure out what to do, she was still in Iron Horde territory and both her Golem and Gyrocopter were destroyed or otherwise out of reach which limited her mobility.

The tinkerer let out a sigh as a wave of weariness washed over her, the trek to the cave had been long and sleep was begging her to embrace it. She couldn’t go to sleep right now though, if she slepted while as exhausted as she was she wouldn’t be able to keep Nirahsa happy. She wouldn’t have everything anymore and she’d potentially wake up and inadvertently ruin everything. Nirahsa didn’t know what she knew about their people’s betrayal, she wouldn’t understand and she’d go back to her own doom.

Asharin fumbled in her pouch wincing again before pulling out a small injector filled with a clear liquid.  She carefully lined up the needle before plunging it into her thigh through the chinks and cloth of her armor. As the liquid entered her body the shaman almost immediately felt more awake and alert, she was still tired but felt like she could actually do things now. 

The tinkerer definitely had things she had to do, she couldn’t sleep, no that would only let them catch her. She had to stay awake, it had to be done.


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Doesn't Asharin know?

Doesn't Asharin know?

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You all pushed her to this!

You all pushed her to this! She just wanted to murder all the orcs! Was that so bad? If she'd been supported and encouraged she wouldn't of turned to drugs!

>.> <.<

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As someone who plays majority

As someone who plays majority Belf: Asharin, you're doin' it right. DON'T LISTEN TO THAT DWARF.

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"Finally someone understands,

"Finally someone understands, yes yes! But you are still Horde Sindorei, I will do this however yes yes. I'll kill you last! Yes yes! Maybe...honestly I probably won't make plans it'll just happen, yes yes!"