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The Alliance troops patrolled through the area looking to keep the Iron horde from establishing a foothold in this section of the Blasted lands. The group consisted of a line of footmen followed by dwarvish riflemen and even several night elf priestess’s. Everyone was alert and on the lookout for any surprise ambushes looking to not be caught unaware.

Asharin gazed over several large boulds in the distance her goggles whirling as she took in the group using a zoom function. Shaking her head with a frown as her hands fidgeted slightly, “I knew this would happen, yes yes. Orcs everywhere, fabled alliance nowhere in sight, no no!” She remarked to herself the goggles made it nearly impossible to see the flicker in her eyes which seemed dimmer than normal with a darker blue hue to them.

“The Orcs came in, yes yes, the Alliance just waltzed off trying to make peace with them, probably all dead now, yes yes. Thought they’d of been more useful, yes,” She continued to watch the group of orcs patrol their path slowly moving away from her.

“Haven’t found me yet though, no no, plans in place going to kill them all soon, yes yes!” She remarked almost giddily before the Tinkerer slid down the boulder nearly falling on her face, she scrambled back to her feet.

“No no Nirahsa not time for sleep yet! To much to do!” She stated simply before taking another injector and stabbing her thigh with the stimulants. Taking in a rapid breath as she headed off back towards her cave hide out.

Meanwhile, the Alliance patrol continued on its way.