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Nirahsa shifted and squirmed as she laid on the bed in the Exodar. Back in the quarters she’d been given originally. Her blue form was covered in a sheen of sweat her breath quick even in her sleep the tinkerer suffering a fever as stim withdrawal set in. Eyes closed as she slept fitifully hands grabbing and gripping at the sheets, movements restricted by the shackles on her wrists and ankles.


Inside Nirahsa’s head the inky black abyss swirled, broken up by tendrils of color that wisped through it. A moment passed and several large objects started floating in the abyss, Nira’s workshop, Daci’s house, the exodar in the distance. Gears and cogs turned and floated around in seemingly random patterns as if moved by the non-existent wind.

Nira stood with her arms crossed staring across the blackness at Asharin who was leaning on one hip looking back at her with a frown. Her appearance much more ragged than Nira’s no doubt due to the mental stress she’d recently experienced.

“Nirahsa you keep making things difficult, yes yes,” Asharin stated, “You should of stayed asleep, I’d of taken care of the Orcs for you.”

Nirahsa shook her head, “No no, you weren’t helping you were just killing.”

Asharin rolled her yellow eyes a moment, “When it comes to Orcs, killing is helping, you know what they did!”

“You tried to hurt my friends, you tried to hurt Dacianna,” The shaman put rather firmly.

“They were in the way, they don’t understand.”

“No no, they were not, I’m never letting you ‘help’ because you only hurt instead,” Nirahsa continued to glare at Asharin.

The ragged Asharin smirked, “That’ll be impossible Nira, after all, I am you.”

“No! I’m nothing like you, no no!” Nirahsa shouted at Asharin throwing her hands to the sides while stomping a hoof into the ground.

Asharin rather suddenly shifted closer without moving grabbing Nirahsa and shoving her up against a stone wall as it appeared out of the blackness, her own yellow eyes glaring at Nirahsa angrily.

“No! You don’t get to play the high road game NIrahsa! I won’t be ignored, I won’t be forgotten! You can run or fight it all you’d like but you WILL always be me! You’ve slaughtered Orcish men, women, and children gleefully. Blown them to pieces to protect your people to repay the monsters for their crimes everything I’ve done you’ve done!”

Nirahsa frowned angrily and rather violently kicked Asharin before shoving her away, “No, I don’t murder people to make myself happy! I want to protect my friends, protect everything I have, yes yes.”

Asharin wiped her wrist across her lips giving a small smirk, “You can’t protect them without killing your enemies, driving them to dust, making it so they can never rise again.”

“There’s a difference between protecting and wanton slaughter!” Nirahsa shouted back at her other self, fists clenched.

“No Nirahsa, there isn’t, that’s just something idealistic fools tell themselves so they can look at themselves in the mirror, yes yes.”

Nirahsa’s hands clenched even tighter, “Go back where you came from, just vanish!”

“No, I’m not going anywhere Nirahsa, you can’t run from yourself for forever, no no. Someday I’ll catch up, and then you’ll be me again and never have known the difference!”

Nira let out a scream as she charged herself and took a swing only for Asharin to grab her and slam a knee into Nira’s stomach. The shaman let out a pained gasp before Asharin flung her onto the ground and began to slam her hoof into Nira’s side.

“You’re supposed to understand Nirahsa, but you don’t, you’re just getting in the way of yourself!” Asharin screamed down at Nira while kicking the draenei repeatedly before a blast of lightning knocked her back. The battered Nira got onto her hooves again before charging Asharin once more.

Talking was even more moot by this point as the two simply struggled against one another, though Asharin seemed to always have the upper hand. She kept throwing Nirahsa into the ground, angrily punching her, trying to set her on fire. However Nirahsa refused to stay down getting back up and retaliating the best she could while shouting at Asharin, cracks of lightning flying from her fists.

The black abyss around them churned and boiled, the building that had been floating around seemed to simply shatter. The pieces swirling around chaotically breaking apart even more as the two fought each other violently within Nira’s own head.