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Strive to be Better

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“Go away!” Nirahsa screamed as a massive stream of bolts arced down from the inky black abyss above, completely enveloping Asharin with a thunderous boom. As the flash cleared, Asharin while looking scorched still stood.

“I WON’T BE IGNORED!” Asharin shouted back at the shaman while stomping her hoof into the ground, rocky spikes shot out of the black below to impale Nira, causing her to cry out briefly. As they crumbled away however she stumbled and remained standing despite looking bloody from the blow.

The two continued to clash back and forth but neither one made much progress in defeating the other, no matter how they escalated their attacks, even if in the real world one or both of them would have been flat out killed by them. In Nirahsa’s head however that meant little since it was more a contest of wills than anything else and neither Nirahsa was willing to back down at this point.

The darkness swirled as the tall broad shouldered Vasily wisped into existence, smiling even as he looked around. The priest carrying a glow around him that illuminated the nearby area, “It is gloomier in here than I expected, but we can change that!”

He stepped forward before shouting in his boisterous manner, “Friend Nirahsa! This fighting does not accomplish anything beyond hurting yourself!”

Nira stopped looking more than a little surprised to see the appearance of Vasily here. Asharin however turned her attention at the priest with a snarl, “This doesn’t concern you anymore!” Immediately throwing a massive boulder at Vasily who didn’t even more. The boulder simply went straight through him as if he were a ghost.

“You are Draenei and my friend, helping you is always my concern!” Vasily’s smile broadened in a friendly manner.

Asharin just shook her head before charging at Vasily, “No no, get out of here you don’t belong! Leave, now!”

Vasily continued to smile as Asharin ran right through him, she let out a snarl as she spun around and lashed out at him. While she didn’t manage to inflict any harm her concentrated efforts manage to make Vasily’s form shimmer slightly as Asharin grew more focused on trying to push the priest out of Nirahsa’s mind.

The priests form shimmered and vanished, Asharin smirked to herself before turning to look back at Nirahsa. Only to find herself staring at Vasily’s head….a rather gargantuan vasily head. It was then she realized she was standing in the palm of his giant hand, the priest still bearing that friendly smile.

“There is a great deal of rage in you, have you forgotten what made you happy?” He asked before disappearing again, the black abyss also faded away only to be replaced with the draenic architecture of a small home on Draenor. Asharin looked rather dumbfounded before the memory rather suddenly clicked in her mind as a small draenei girl came running up to her smiling.

“Mommy! Look I made a cog! Is it as good as the ones you make?” The girl craned her head back looking up at Asharin still smiling holding that small somewhat misshaped wooden cog up over her head. Asharin looked down inadvertently nibbling her lip, she impulsively knew it was a trick but couldn’t summon the anger that plagued her constantly while looking down at those bright happy eyes.

“It’s….perfect, Little Cog.”


Meanwhile Nirahsa looked around as she was briefly left alone, nibbling her lower lip before feeling a gentle hand on her shoulder to find Vasily smiling down at her.

“Is, she gone?” Nirahsa asked hopefully.

Vasily shook his head, “No friend Nirahsa, she is distracted, but she will never be gone because she is you.”

Nirahsa shook her head, “No no, I’m nothing like her!”

“Nirahsa, she is the anger, hatred, and the sadness you experienced on Draenor. She may seem like an entirely different being than you but she is not.”

Nirahsa started to sob shaking her head as she dropped down onto her knees staring at the ground which instead of being an inky black abyss was glowing with the soft radiance of the light around where Vasily stood.

“I….I don’t want to be her again….ever, no no…..I just want her to go away.”

Vasily gave Nira’s shoulder a gentle squeeze even as he knelt down beside her, “Why would you have to be her?”

“She’s right….if I remember, then I’ll be her again…I…don’t want that, no no.”

“Memories do not define who you are friend Nirahsa, the only give us perspective on what has come before.”

“No no your past defines who you are….I turned into a monster…I…I don’t want to turn into another one.” She stated even while continuing to cry softly.

“Nirahsa, you can only make a bomb out of bomb parts, yes?” Vasily asked.

Nira blinked a moment, “No…you can make lots of other things, but what does that matter?”

“What else can you make?”

“Well, you could make a propulsion rocket, or turn the powder into a gelatinous fuel for an engine, the metal can be used as a framework for nearly anything else, yes yes.”

“So if bomb parts can be used to make something other than a weapon, why can’t your memories be used to help you strive to be something else?” Vasily gave her an inquisitive look as he finished the question.

Nirahsa was silent staring at the ground, the silence growing until she broke it softly, “Is….is it really that simple?”

Vasily gave her shoulder another comforting squeeze, “It is, you just have to remember friend Nirahsa, that accepting what you’ve done in the past is not the same thing as condoning what you did.  Has Dacianna ever told you how she was when she first came to Azeroth?”

The tinker gave a slow nod, “She said she use to go after any orc she could because she was so angry and it wasn’t until later she realized her own foolishness in the matter.”

“Dacianna has accepted that about herself, but as you have seen she strives to be better than that. She accepts her past, but she does not condone what she did. Our past can only rule our future if we let it, the moment we decide a different course is needed we have taken the power to change our fate for ourselves friend Nirahsa.”

Nirahsa looked up at Vasily her own soft glowing eyes staring into his, “Then she is right…I…I need to stop ignoring her. I…need to listen but not let her dictate what I do, yes yes”

The priest gave a small nod, “Only by accepting the side of you she represents can you both come back into the light again.” Vasily held out his hand even as the priest stood back up, Nirahsa looked at the hand a moment before slowly taking hold and letting the priest pull her back onto her hooves.

It was then that Asharin reappeared near them, and Nirahsa looked over at her with Vasily. Nibbling her lip a moment before finding the words, “NIrahsa…I, understand now, yes yes.”

Asharin looked a tad dubious none the less she quirked her head looking back at Nira, “You understand, finally?”

The tinkerer nodded, “Yes, I understand that you are me…a…side of me…that I…wanted to forget, to run from...but I…can’t do that, no no. We are…in the end, the same.”

Asharin studied Nirahsa for a moment before a small smile appeared on her face one that slowly grew brighter.

Both Nirahsa’s were suddenly grabbed by Vasily and enveloped in a big bear hug, which caused Nirahsa to smile and blush impulsively while leaving Asharin just looking completely confused.

“You are both reflections of another, the same being, your differences can be found in each other when one looks closer,” Vasily remarked while continuing his trademark bear hug which Nirahsa thought was just as constricting in her mind as it was in reality.

The dark abyss around the trio was slowly shifted, as the glow of the light began to slowly overwhelm it and drive the darkness back so the warm radiance could takes its place instead