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Application for service to Silver Dragoons: Ginwhistle Brasscog

General Information

Name: Ginwhistle Brasscog

Age: Thirty-five

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: I am 106 centimeters tall and possess a mass of 25 kilograms. I meet the physical fitness requirements set forth by the Operation Gnomeregan recruitment orders, and I have no particular scars or tattoos. I possess brown hair and blue eyes, an amusing combination of recessive and dominant traits, and I have been told that despite my dedication to hygiene I often have a faint odor of chemical preservatives about me.


Education: My primary education was undertaken at the Gnomeregan Level Seven school for the medical and mechanical arts, as well as secondary classes at the Level fourteen magical academy once my talent for arcane manipulation manifested. Following the fall, I entered an apprenticeship with Magus Tel Roren to complete my magical training, and engaged in my medical internship at the Tinker Town Hospital.

Skills: In addition to my magical talents, I am a competant operator of the gnomish Quizetch Haderach instrument, I capable chess player, and have secondary experience both in forensic medicine and surgical assistance. My primary area of study is neuroscience; studying the brains of living creatures. I long to unlock the secrets of our minds and the mechanisms by which they are able to transform electrical discharges and hormonal secretions into thought and emotion.


Demeanor: I prefer to present myself as an intellectual, ethical being. I often focus on the positives of a situation, be they the less visible advantages of a difficult encounter, or the scientific benefits of a particular hardship. I am aware that I possess less worldly experience than many of the people I encounter, and am always happy to learn from their perspective.

Weaknesses: I suppose my primary social weakness is my temper. My family has recieved numerous setbacks at the hands of the wealthy elite, work being stolen, inventions copied, and legal rights denied. I react poorly when a situation or individual makes me believe the same is going to happen to me. I have also noticed that many people I meet have difficulty understanding my chosen field of study, and I quickly grow tired of having to explain to them that I am not, in fact, an evil necromancer intent on stealing their brains. It's honestly infuriating.

Secondly, while I did complete my surgical internship, I find I am not at my best when dealing with living subjects on the table. Surgery on an anathestized patient is generally alright so long as I am not taking the lead, but field medicine is something I find troubling and difficult to handle.

Finally, on a magical note, I am absolutely terrible with non-elemental magic. My portals are generally considered subpar in energy, and my teleportations often exceed what one would consider a proper level of target deviation. I make up for this by being very good at flinging fireballs at enemies.

One Or Two Memorable Traits: I have a sunny disposition, am always kind to animals, even when they are my test subjects, and I could talk for days about neuroscience. The brain is the most fascinating organ in all biology, and- oh, right, there's not quite enough page here, is there?

Personality: I have been described by my associates as "Logical, but warm". Just because I spend time dissecting and studying brain matter does not mean I need to be an introvert. Sometimes I hope that by being friendly, I can help people become more understanding and accepting of my field of study. I do take time in conversation to consider my responses, very little is served with immediate responses driven by emotion.


Personal History: As shown in my educational background, much of my childhood has been spent in study, both before and after the Fall of Gnomeregan. My family (Mother, father, and one brother) were lucky enough to be near one of the pneumotastic launch tubes when the Fall occured, and were able to evacuate quickly before chaos consumed our sector. We were resettled in Tinkertown Ironforge, where I remained for a year before transferring down to Stormwind to continue my magical and medical education. Upon my graduation from both these fields of study, I joined Operation Gnomeregan as an irregular, and there saw the valor and strength of my people's allies. That is what encouraged me to join the Pandaria expedition as a combat mage, where I served with distinction before accepting my discharge at the campaign's end. Throughout I have continued my studies of my preferred field of focus, neurology, though at times my duties have forced me to not spend quite as much time on that as I would prefer.

Reason for Joining: I have two primary reasons, which mesh together well. Primarily, I require funding to continue my research. I have chosen to proceed without being connected to any corporate or university sponsors, and while that gives me full control over my research, it can be quite expensive to gain access to medical cadavers and equipment that I require. I hope to leverage my skills as a mage to fulfill that need. I am no stranger to combat, having fought in Operation: Gnomeregan, as well as a single tour of duty with the Alliance in the jungles of Krasarang, Pandaria.

The reason I have chosen to apply to your particular group is that while you are private contractors, your record speaks of an impeccable moral center, something I greatly approve of and appreciate. Combat is messy business, and I find it is made less so when the people you are fighting on the behalf of are not willing to pursue unethical goals or tactics.
I am hoping that I am correct in believing that the Silver Dragoons are an organization where capable individuals are recognized and given opportunities to contribute towards the greater goal of protecting the weak from oppressors.

((Attached to the back of these basic forms are copies of Ginwhistle's service record and medical exams going back to Operation: Gnomeregan, as well as his honorable discharge papers from both that operation and the Alliance Military Pandaria Campaign))

((OOC info: I'm a Drogar Alt!))