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[Areelan] Holding the Line

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((Mostly just felt like writing a short little blog of Areelan laying down the Death Knight hurt on Iron Horde. Since she'd definitely see defending the land and potentially going on a suicide mission imperative for her.))

The runed bloodstained axe split the ground as it was dragged through it. The pale elf holding it didn’t seem slowed by the extra effort it took to move the axe in this manner as she stepped forward. Her head tilted one glowing blue eye looking at the brown orcs charging her position. The lanky geist flanking her had a jittery stance.

One orc shouted out in broken common, “You stand against the unbending Iron Horde!”

Areelan just chuckled as a sadistic grin appeared on her lips, “And you, stand against a monster.”

The orc leading the charge leaped into the air bringing his axe upwards as he prepared to swing downward while shouting, “Lok’tar! O-nnraagh!”

His battlecry changed to a surprised grunt as Areelan reached out with one hand, clenched it before yanking backwards as dark tendrils of energy snagged the orc and ripped in towards her at a much greater velocity. His grunt turning into a pained groan as her own axe was swung around effortlessly one handed to bury itself in the orc’s chest.

“Ogar for you, there is no victory to be had facing an embodiment of death,” She remarked while wrenching the axe from the dying orc’s chest only to casually fling him to the side.

The runes on her axe began to glow bright as she swung it in a horizontal arc, causing the ground infront of the charging orcs to begin to boil with death and decay as the air itself grew stale with rot. The orcs continued their charge despite the pain the cursed earth inflicted upon them as it withered flesh, one orc tripped from the sudden onslaught of agony before crying out in a piercing wail of pain as the field literally began to decay his flesh his frantic scrabbling working against him as tried to right himself only to eventually fall back to the ground as a husk.

The remaining orcs managed to keep their moment and get out of the field before it could inflict serious harm upon them. Letting out shouts as they charged forward, Areelan simply hoisted up her axe and met them headlong. A plague seemed to surround her as her axe clashed against another, the heavily armored night elf sidestepping to avoid a blow from another Orc. Even as her plague infected them causing sharp bursts of pain to the orcs.

Trask rather suddenly leaped into the fray on top of an Orc’s shoulders grabbing his head and wrenching to and fro, the orc letting out grunts swinging axe and arms wildly trying to grab the nimble geist.

Areelan used the distraction to fell another orc with a brutal swing before unleashing a coil of death upon another orc as she went to the aid of her beleaguered comrade. Her help would have come to late as Trask had finally gotten a good grip and with unnatural strength twisted the orcs head till his neck snapped, “Hey, now he can really look over his shoulder!” The geist gruffed out sounding far more amused than he probably should.

Aree was smiling in delight, not from the geists comment but from the euphoria that filled her from the battle. She hated it, but at the same time loved it as well.

“Pay attention Trask, they may be worthless recruits but they have numbers.”

“Well if you actually still grew tired, that would be a problem. But since you don’t….well they are running right into a meat grinder.”


Meanwhile a footmen put down a spyglass after getting down observing the death knight turning to her superior.

“Well sir, she and that creature of hers are holding that area like she promised.”

The commander just shook his head, “Still foolish having a single person, even if they are a blasted death knight holding a point with no back up.”

“You didn’t have much choice sir, the Iron Horde was pushing hard on our other line, if we hadn’t reinforced it with the men here it would have been a lot harder to push them back, if not impossible.”

The commander nodded, “Either way keep an eye on her, we need to get troops back in position before the Horde tries to overwhelm that point.”

“Yes sir.”