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I suppose this is the best place for this topic.


I had some news from a guy on another message board about upcoming D&D 5E info from a convention he was working I wanted to share.


  • Chris Perkins: They'll have PDFs available of the PHB, MM, and DMG sometime in 2015.
  • Chris Perkins: Their intention is to make this the final and definitive version of D&D. They don't want people to have to buy yet another version of the books in a few years.
  • Chris Perkins: DMG release date is December 9th, but stores that are handling pre-orders should have them by Black Friday.
  • This version of D&D is so accessible and consistent that it's paving a way for a much younger audience. I counted at least 5 kids (age range from 9 to 15) in the 5E room at any given time, playing games and registering their experience points with the Adventurer's League.
  • Chris Perkins: The Monster Manual doesn't include the monster "Nilbog" (Goblin, spelled backwards), something Chris wanted to include, because the rest of the team thought it was dumb.
  • The next big campaign setting will be the Temple of Elemental Evil, once Tiamat is completed.
  • Perkins: WotC is going to have a schedule of 8 months every year with a Story A setting (like Tiamat) and then 4 months of a Story B setting. Story B settings are intended to be "palate cleanser", and be something completely different from Story A. He mentioned some examples: Ravenloft, reconstructions of old TSR modules ("Barrier Peaks" was mentioned), etc.


Also this DMG preview with hilarious stickynotes. - Especially of note, the preview includes some magic items and indicates they've gone Chinese Restaurant Menu with item design (Pick two items from Menu A, One from Menu B, And Hold The Rice).  The Optional Rules section also looks very robust and I for one am very interested.


Also, for those who are curious about how they work, while it might be a little spoilery for anyone intending to play Hoard of The Dragon Queen or Rise of Tiamat, there are PDFs available on the main Wizards site that include monster stat blocks and Magic Items for the game.