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((Ended up as a follow-up to "Tongue Tied" given timing...Takes place pre-Portal rushing))

Nore watched as Daevra finished the engravings on a pair of truegold bands. Normally, the commander would have asked Harrigan—but his injuries were going to keep him from such detail work for some time, and the push through the Portal was coming any day now.

“There! What do you think?” Daevra smiled brightly as she passed the rings to Alynore.

Daevra had managed to mimic Gilnean calligraphy styles well. One of the rings said “Wes + Nore”, the other “Nore + Wes”. The date of their sudden wedding followed on both in small, flowing script.

Inside the bands, Nore noticed old-style draenic runes. She couldn’t quite recognize the meaning of the symbols, except for “Sha”—the draenic word for “Light.” She pointed to the extra inscriptions. “What’s that?”

“Oh! Is a saying of the Azeroth Cathedral I heard once, at a student’s own bonding,” Daevra replied. “Old script was best to make it all fit. I think it works well to combine your own unique upbringing and training with your peoples’ traditions.”

“What does it say?” Nore asked.

“’Love strengthens the Light, which strengthens Love’. You see why I had to choose older runes!” Daevra giggled.

Nore blinked, looking at the bands in her palm. “That’s…really nice.” She smiled up at the young draenei.

Daevra beamed. “I thought so! Also, they do both have the resizing enchant already, so either will work for both of you—and whatever form Wesley is wearing as well!”

Nore shook her head, pulling her dogtags from beneath her shirt. She unhooked the chain and slid the ring saying “Wes + Nore” onto it. “Burns, gloves, not really workable with rings. ‘Sides, not a good idea with my tinkering, or even enchanting.”

Daevra tilted her head, her curtain of black hair slipping over her shoulders. Nore was jealous; her own hair was still far too short. “True,” Daevra replied, watching as Nore’s tags, now including the ring, went back around the redhead’s neck. “I thought only soldiers wore those?”

“I am a soldier, just not for the state anymore. It’s a habit, anyway, and they are handy.”

“I suppose,” Daevra said. She hesitated a moment. “Be careful, Alynore. Take care of everyone—and yourself.”

“We’ll do our best. Keep working on ways to bring us home,” Nore replied. Daevra nodded, smiling, though her glowing eyes showed strain. Nore turned away. “I gotta go.” She hated seeing the normally carefree young draenei so tense. Seemed the default for almost everyone lately.

Nore kept Wes’ ring in her left hand as she headed home. The Dragoons’ patron, Lord Mallorey, was going to cover the rent and maintenance while they were gone—a wedding present for his granddaughter. It was a bit of stress off Nore’s mind.

Her free hand touched the ring now hanging at her neck. It was a tradition she could see the point of, and it made more sense to her than either of them changing a name; she was still Alynore Forrester, he was still Wesley Brennan. The only thing that had really changed was their friends witnessed their commitment to one another, bound in the Light.

“Really, I think we did it months ago. Just now it’s on paper,” Wes had said when the enormity of the evening’s events had suddenly struck. It had made her laugh with giddy energy.

She continued to feel that excitement, as she took the apartment stairs two at a time. Words could still be difficult, but actions, gestures, moments—those were perfectly understandable to both of them. Sometimes it made the words a bit easier.

There was danger, but she was going to face it alongside her best friend, her partner, her husband, as always. That said more than anything.


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Nelenna snickers, "Alynore

Nelenna snickers, "Alynore and Wesley sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S...."

*Alynore is giving a death glare with eye twitch*

Nelenna; Direhorn stables....yep, I'm on it right now Commander!


((More seriously I did really enjoy this read, Alynore and Wes have definitely been fun to watch develop overtime.))