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Something Big

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Nirahsa’s tail gave a happy swish as she rolled the newly finished schematic up. She shoved the roll of paper into her satchel before springing to her hooves and heading out of her room. One part of her mind knew that this could wait until morning, but the other part was eager to get things underway.  Especially since she now had a team to help build things!

The cool air night air of shadowmoon hit her skin as Nira stepped outside. The tinkerer picked up her pace as she wound her way through the garrison towards the rather large workshop. Even at this time of night the workshop was still buzzing with activity and sparks.

A brown bearded dwarf know as Delnar greeted her as she drew close to the workshop his hand giving a wave, “Ey’ lass, workin another late night are ya?”

She gave a nod smiling brightly, “Yes yes, just finished a design I’d like to finalize and start work on as soon as possible!”

“Oh? Mind if I take a peek?”

“No no, ofcourse not!” Nirahsa pulled the rolled up parchment from her satchel before handing it over to the dwarf. Delnar unrolled it, eyes quickly looking it over before making a sound like he was choking on his beard. “Is something wrong?”

“Lass, we could build at least two steam tanks with the materials this would take! Not to mention the exotic materials here!”

Nira quirked her head, “Oh, yes yes I know it is a big project but it isn’t meant to replace the steam tank, no no.”

The dwarf looked over the schematic some more even while he pulled out a cigar, lighting as he took several puffs. “Despite that though, this contraption does have merit. But me and my crew don’t know much about that crystal tech you draenei are fond of.”

The tinkerer just smiles, “Fortunately that is my main area of expertise, well other than robotics, yes yes. I’ve also spoken to several Artificers that have come through the garrison and they are willing to help out in that regards.”

Delnar took several more puffs before grinning beneath that beard, “It’ll take awhile to get this machine together, a lot of custom work. Be worth it to see what it does to those Iron Horde imbeciles.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing it come together Delnar, yes yes! Lots of work but it’ll be worth it in the end!”

“Though I see you were wanting to install a teleporter on this machine? A standard one won’t do, too much mass.”

Nirahsa tilted her head tapping her chin a moment as she thought, “I do know someone that knows a lot about teleporters, yes yes. I’ll talk to him and see if he’d be willing to help out!”