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Abandoned [T-still]

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I promise I'll be back in time, Anny. Don't worry!

Daiyu buried her face into the large pillow and let out a long groan as she thought back to the last time she saw Anwyna. Her massive feet hung off the end of the slightly too small bed in her room of the family farmhouse.

Biyu's just a little sick and wants to see me before I go through, it won't take long.

One of her sisters just had to be sick around the time of the charge on the Dark Portal. Daiyu couldn't tell her sibling no, so she had left for Pandaria just hours before the assault began. She hadn't made it back in time and now she was literally a world away from Anny.

The first two weeks had been the worst. Aside from checking in with the remaining Dragoons to let them know she was alive, Daiyu had neglected all of her work. Her family managed to finally convince her to change out of her dirty overalls and bathe, but afterward she immediately returned to her room to sulk. She continued to do nothing until, one day, mail had arrived from Anny. The priestess was alive, that news cheered her up some, and portals were slowly becoming available.

Her good mood didn't last long though. All she had to do was wait for the right portal to open so she could go through, but the worry and sadness continued to bury deeper inside of her. As the morning sun began to peek through the curtains, she tried desperately to think of what to say to the priestess when she saw her again, but the words never came to her. How could she apologize for abandoning Anny when the priestess needed her most.