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Weapons Test

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Nira groaned as she pulled the wrench back, tightening the nut securing the device to the framework. Armored plates obscured most of the internals that made up the jointed device. She set the large wrench aside while drawing in a breath a light sheen of sweat covering her body. A goggled gnome dragged several cables over hooking them into place even as the Dwarf Delnar made a few adjustments to a thick plate of true iron that was secured onto a separate scaffold.

“Alright, weapon test, one, yes yes!” Nira stated rather giddily clasping her hands together.

“Right lass.  HEY! What the fel you two doing back there!? Didn’t ya hear, weapons test! Get the heck out of the line of fire!” Delnar shouted throwing a hammer at another dwarf and human who jumped in surprised giving him a glare before getting out of the way.

A female gnome dashed up from outside, “No one round back or near the building, incase well…things get out of hand!”

“They shouldn’t, no no. But ah…these crystals weren’t quite designed to resonate in a chassis like this, it is hard to calculate for that unknown variable…yes yes.” Nirahsa frowned.

“Well we all went over the numbers, at the very least it shouldn’t blow up the garrison.” Delnar took a puff from a cigar.

“No, just the building,” The gnome female Kezal piped up cynically, pigtails bouncing briefly with her motion.

“I’m ninety-nine percent certain that it won’t explode no no.” The shaman stated before fiddling with several controls, “Everyone ready?”

“Aye lass.”


“Powering up to twenty percent,” The tinkerer was almost bouncing in place as she increased the power flow the jointed mechanism began to hum as it came online.

“Looks stable here.”

“Increasing power, yes yes.” The hum grew as the device was slowly put to full power, the scaffolding vibrated slightly.

“Resonators in tune with the frequencies you gave,” The gnome stated cheerily.

“Going to initiate firing mechanism starting with a low power shot.” Nirahsa’s blue fingers flicked a switch causing several plates to clank apart exposing a deep purple draenor crystal that was already thrumming with energy as its protective casing parted. “Firing!”

There was a beep as the button was pressed, the weapon didn’t fire immediately instead the thrum grew sharply as the crystal’s glow intensified.

“She’s gonna overload lassy!” Delnar shouted before his cry was drowned out as the weapon fired, releasing a reverberating triple blast of energy. Quickly followed by an explosions as it slammed into the plate of truesteel punching right through as the second blast blew a hole through the back of the workshop. Followed up by the third explosion in the distance, that was accompanied by a sharp yell.


Nirahsa scrambled to power the weapon back down quickly while shooting Kezal a look, “You said no one was near the building!”

Kezal tossed her hands up, “There wasn’t anyone back there!”

The trio after ensuring the device was off dashed forward past the obliterated truesteel plate and the rather large hole in the workshop using it as a door. Only for them to see a rather big chunk missing from the Garrison’s wall taken out by the last blast. With a dwarf and a spilled mug nearby looking rather shocked at what had just happened.

Kezal blinked before shrugging, “I guess his beer break was just starting? Hey Haegran! Didn’t anyone tell you we were testing experimental equipment today!?”

“No lass! And they didn’t tell me ya would be murderin’ me drink either! They’re rationin’ thunderbew, say it’s not a necessity to bring through with the supplies! Can ye believe that?”

“Well there is local stuff ya know!”

“I need something that gives a kick in the pants, not a tickle in me belly!”

Nira simply shook her head with a sigh, happy that no one was injured.