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Reason and Instinct

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Jormund asked Anwyna, a blood elf, to give him a clean bill of health so Alynore could be assured that his arm won`t fall off in the middle of an operation.

She asked questions about his treatment while checking on the articulations, reflex responses and movement overall. It certainly looked worse than it was, the purple-colored scars covered his arm all the way up to his shoulder also changing the skin-tone around them to a light tone of violet. He tried to be as friendly and responsive as he could, but his answers were still a bit dry and reserved, if Anwyna noticed, she kept quiet about it. He thought about asking about Daiyu or something. He remained quiet, only talking if needed.

After that horrible ordeal, he waved goodbye at the blood elf with a forced smile. He mounted up and rode back to his camp. A few yards later he finally relaxed. He felt stupid. Anwyna had proved herself time and time again to be an invaluable asset to the Dragoons.

"Tharethas did too remember?" his own voice echoed on his mind "What happened after that?"

His jaw tensed. She was different. 

"How so? Are you sure?"

More and more questions poured into his mind. His gut was telling him to trust her and to not trust her at the same time. He was always tense on her presence, he watched and waited for her to make her move so he could chop her head off. Sometimes even begged her to. But nothing happened.

"So far…"

Not every blood elf is like Tharethas. He shouldn`t put them all in the same box. Anwyna was clearly an example of that. She had plenty of opportunities to make a move against him or the Dragoons and she didn`t.

"She wants you to think this way."

He shook his head pushing the voice away and changing the subject. There was much to be done, the garrison was growing with each day, he needed to check with Lieutenant Thorn for the reports.