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Me, Myself and Nirahsa

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Nirahsa leaned over as she worked on the circuitry inside a rather large armored joint. Gyrospanner clanking while she worked a dull thud being heard at times when her small horns thudded in the confined space.

“That’s an interesting part, yes yes, is it a leg or arm or maybe a big claw, yes yes?” A rather inquisitive voice came from behind Nira, causing her to jolt in surprise and panic. Slamming her head against a steel rod and biting her lip to muffle her outcry. She remained still for several moments but didn’t pull her head out of the inside of the mechanism.

“Ah yes y-…it’s part of a leg, yes,” She replied heart beating faster even as Nira tried to speak differently nibbling her lip.

“It’s just us, you know she could actually help quite a great deal,” Floated Asharin’s voice in her head, “There’s already two of us, so what’s a third? Yes yes”

“Leg? Hm, that would make it a rather big machine, yes yes. Twenty feet tall at least, yes?” The Alternate Nirahsa stated cheerily before Nira could hear her Draenor Self clambering on the leg looking it over.

“About that, yes ye-nffff,” Nira bit her lip with a huff, “Though I ah…need to focus on this adjustment yes..yaack.”

“Can I help? This seems similar to..., well I’ve never built anything like this, no no but its laid out in a very familiar manner, yes yes. I’d love to help out!” The smile could be heard in Alternate Nira’s voice.

Nirahsa herself really wanted to say yes but, it’d be weird, awkward.

“More awkward than talking to yourself already, yes?” Asharin mused as if she was grinning in the back of Nira’s mind.

Fortunately Nira didn’t have to answer either one of them as a small voice called from outside the Gearworks.

“Mom!! A bird landed on my head again!”

Alternate Nira’s attention shifted immediately as she jumped off the mechanical limb and headed towards the voice, “Shari, it’s just Pepe! He does that when he likes someone, or thinks your horns are a nice perch, yes yes.”

“I’m not a tree though and it feels weird!” Shari could be heard fidgeting, followed by several musical chirps.

Nira hesitantly left the safety of the compartment her head hand been hidden in and moved towards the edge of the gearworks. Very slowly peering around the corner to see herself kneeled down smiling at a young draenei girl, Shari who was squirming in place as Pepe sat on her head chirping happily while gazing around.  After a few moments of coaxing AU Nira managed to coax the bird off Shari’s head much to the girls relief, only for Pepe to decide to flutter onto AU Nira’s horns and perch there, causing Shari to giggle.

NIrahsa watched this and couldn’t help but smile to herself as a warm bubbly feeling rose in her heart.


“Little…Cog,” Asharin stated mutedly in Nira’s head.