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Jormund intended to apologize to Rhiswyn for what he said but preparations needed to be made first… This is why he was riding through Nagrand at full speed straight to the Easwind Gulch, there was this very rare species of flower that only grew every couple of years and it possessed powerful magical properties. He tried to get it to further study it, maybe even use it to brew a powerful ink for new inscriptions but the damn flower was at the top of a single mountain. 

As he finally arrived he points at the giant formation. 

"Alright you stupid pile of dirt, it`s you and -ME-."

Chesh and Diligence, his argent steed simply stood by watching him remove his armor and just charge at the lone peak and start climbing…

…a panther yawn and a horse neigh later Jormund was back on the grass glaring at the mountain again, he quickly gets back on his feet and securing his gauntlets he finds some rocks here he could stand and carefully started climbing again. 

He looked up and reached for the edge of the cliff where the beautiful blue flower was rooted, he lifted himself up trying to gather as much impulse as he could and stretched his arm but as he just touched one petal with the tip of his index the rock beneath him crumbled and he plummeted to the ground again. 

"This… isn`t… over…" he said with a raspy voice pointing at the flower.

A few other failed attempts and some healing later Jormund strides back to Diligence. The steed whined and Chesh mewled swishing her tail to the sides while sitting on her spot on the steed`s saddle.

"Laugh it up all you want but I brought the secret weapon this time." he says with a big grin as he pulled a golden feather from the satchel the yearning to fly quickly enveloped the paladin as he gripped the feather. He took a few steps back from the mountain and held the feather close to his chest "Now… let`s see how this WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORKS!!!!!"

With no warning whatsoever the feather flashed and sent Jormund flying up in the air like a rocket then after he reached a certain altitude golden wings emerged from his back. It was an incredible feeling… but he had no time for this! He flew too far up in the air! He steered to the sides and controlled his weight in order to lose some altitude but he was too high up and he flew past the mountain a few times. He turned once, he turned twice…

"Third time`s a charm! Come on damn it!"

As he steered again he found himself going straight to the mountain, good news were he was on the right course and altitude, bad news was that he had no breaks… and he headed straight to a wall of solid rock. 

"This is nothing!! Tremble you feeble hunk of rock before the Holy Light!" he yelled as a he erected a protective shield and smashed through the wall basically making a new cave for Nagrand`s wildlife. He walked out dusting his clothes off and knelt before the flower gently removing it and placing it on a small tin pot. 

"Nice… now, how do I get down from here?"


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((Oh, Jormund! XD ))

((Oh, Jormund! XD ))