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Earn it

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Pin walked up the road from the gate, trying to navigate her way through carts of goods, talbuks, and artillery being wheeled all about the compound. It was a bustling center, nestled with its back to the western mountains of Talador.
Fort Lionheart was a strategic lynchpin to alliance operations in Nagrand, something of a supplying hub for the forward bases on the front, and as such, the Warsong were quite invested in it’s destruction. The base had repelled three raiding parties since its establishment, traditional warsong tactics, rushing the base in the early morning with their wolf riders, fire, and nets. In the last raid the tactical officer was killed, decapitated while enjoying an outdoor shower in the stalls on the northwestern side of the camp, he had been the first to die in that raid, about a dozen soldiers died and the barracks were set on fire. This vacancy had led to the contract that Pinapple accepted on behalf of the Dragoons, a perfect opportunity to test her wits against the Iron Horde, and she was really the only Dragoon with the proper training for this sort of consultant work.
She felt a rough force pushing her and found herself tumbling foward. Behind her, a private carrying several stacked shield cursed and looked down at her. “Bah, I should get hazard pay for  working with you gnomes, what with all the tripping. Get out of the road and watch yourself!”
She outranked him, even as a non-military consultant, but she refrained from dressing him down. This wasn’t a dragoon, and she didn’t want to make a scene, she muttered an apology as she rose to her feet, and headed to the command tent.
After giving her orders to the guards, she entered in to the war room, seeing a man with long, shaggy black hair, and a gruff beard to match. She didn’t know much about Commander Bailey, he was a well respected man, Veteran of the conflicts in Twilight Highlands, Pandaria, and the Seige of Ogrimmar. 
She took a few steps forward and gave her best salute. “Sir, Consultant Peppercog reporting for duty!” 
He looked down at her and rolled his eyes, turning his attention to the area map. “I don’t have time for children playing soldier, pup. Run along and play while I do your work.”
Her eyes narrowed, her nostrils flared as she felt anger well up within her. She took a deep breath and spoke. “Sir, my condolences on the loss of your officer, but I was hired by your superiors to act as your tactical officer until a replacement can be found.”
Commander Bailey scoffed, “Yes, i’m aware of what the brass buttons pulled off, and i’m going to say it outright, your Silver Dragoons may be riding on the fact that you were respected back before the wars, but I’ve looked at your file and I knew I was going to dislike you from the minute you stepped in.” He spat in contempt, “You’re a twenty year old whelp of a gnome who used her greaters to get you into that cushy training program at the academy. You sat out in Northrend, you didn’t see any fighting with the Twilights, and you weren’t anywhere near the front in Ogrimmar. You’re a greenhorn, replacing a great man, and the Alliance wants me to play nice with the mercs who chase coin. “
Pin’s face betrayed her anger, and she clenched her fist. “Heh, i’d like to see you smack me one, kid. Now I can’t kick you out by orders, but I don’t have to listen to your “advice” not when I have men more experienced than you at my side. So why don’t you just enjoy your cushy new job of warming seats at the inn until we get someone worth the post?”
Pin took a deep breath once more, “Will that be all sir?” she said, not able to fully contain her emotions. 
He gave her a curt nod, and she left. 
This was going to be a difficult assignment.


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Someone is begging for a

Someone is begging for a headbutt straight to the crotch...))

"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"