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We are Unanimous

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Jormund approached the shield and removed the covers to touch it directly. 

Since he arrived to Draenor the shield had turned more and more dangerous to use. During the fight against the orcs he felt unnatural negative feelings, anger, outrage that gradually started to reflect on his own personality, making Jormund`s own negative feelings grow more intense. Without noticing he turned more violent, bitterer and a constant anger all the time. 

With Rhiswyn`s help Jormund finally discovered that there was a hidden presence within the shield, everyone felt it just as another member of the archives, the foreign presence directed them to Auchindoun, the fabled crypt where draenei soulpriests brought the remains of their fallen and prepared both the body and soul for the final rest. There Jormund and Holbytla, a dragoon vindicator, former priest of Auchindoun were granted access to the old archive where the senior soulpriests revealed the true identity of the presence and the origins of the shield. The presence turned out to be a cleansed eredar spirit that the ancient high elven priests and arcanists sealed off within the shield in order to use it as a weapon against the Zandalari tribe back in the Troll Wars, it was made to store power within it along with old memories and experiences to make the wielder more deadly and more aware of the trolls tactical weaknesses.

Such power came with a price.

The use of the archives within the shield slowly deteriorates the user`s mind. Mixed memories, radical changes in humor, multiple personality disorder. Using the shield on a daily basis decreased the user`s life expectancy greatly. In human years the shield would give them between 30 or 40 years to live. 

Fortunately the auchenai priests were quick to give a solution. They offered to save Jormund`s life by merging the memories of the archive with the eredar spirit to cleanse it again and seal it within a Vigilant construct. The ritual was simple, the priests would syphon the memories stored within the shield along with the spirit within the construct, the only downside was that Jormud`s mind was to be used as conduit. This was where things got risky considering that the priests were not familiar with how human minds worked. 

Despite the risk Jormund accepted the offer and the memories of the archive reclused themselves within the shield to reach a decision. 

After three days of deliberation the paladin decided time was up. As he walked through the door of the main archives the images of his ancestors turned to face him as they sat on a round table in the center of a pure-white room. 

"Have you made up your mind already?" he asked.

"Yes." Zalgradis nodded "We have agreed t-…"


One of the golden phantasms got up from his seat glaring at Jormund.

"Janos…" the voice of the first Rhane held a tone of warning.

"No Zalgradis. Why are we supposed to sacrifice ourselves for this impudent little whelp? Who does he think he is placing himself over all of us?"

Jormund blinked surprised and slowly moved towards him.

"In every situation he turned to us for council, we needed him to carry on with our bloodline and he`s sleeping with a sterile half-ELF whose people cursed us from the start! He joined a band of mercs fallen in disgrace! And now he asks us to end our existence because -HE- is afraid to die? Nay! I will n-!"

Before he could finish Jormund grabbed him by the back of his head and headbutted him straight in the face.

"That was for talking shit to my friends and my girlfriend."

The image staggered taking a few steps back and fell to its knees.

"Janos Rhane. My beloved grandfather. Why am I not surprised? Of all the people here I knew you would be the one to vote against me. I know you perfectly, I drifted in your memories a thousand times. I know what you did and what you didn`t. You deserted the army, you opted to flee to your family instead of crossing the Dark Portal with everyone else. You like everyone else did before me, brought shame to our family. Zalgradis murdered his commanding officer and cursed his bloodline, Azamiah turned to piracy and you fled out of fear."

Jormund walked up to him and knelt eyeing his grandfather eye to eye. 

"I did too made some mistakes. You may be ashamed of calling me your grandson." he leaned to the image of his grandfather and wrapped an arm over his shoulder across his back pulling him closer and rested his chin on his shoulder. "… and for that I`ll forever be sorry. I know I am in no position to make any promises or oaths but please give me this chance and I`ll do everything in my power to restore the honor of our family. For so long our bloodline has been consumed by rage and disdain and not only because of the elven curse, it was us as well. Now that the curse has been lifted hatred still poison our souls, we may justify it with what we believe to be good reasons but in truth we know that truly there is no justification. Please, give me time and I`ll rectify our name."

The other images watched the scene and remained impassive. Azamiah approached Jormund and placed a hand on his shoulder. 

"All in favor to save our child?"

The room suddenly flooded with the voice of every ancestor.


Jonars Rhane eyed his grandson and nodded slightly.