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Highmaul! Saturday January 10th, 6:30 PM MST!

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We begin raiding highmaul this very week! Minimum ilvl requirements will be 625, with a 630 weapon. If you don't have three crafted items and have some slots to shore up, please post here so we can help out!


Alynore, Protection Paladin (can heal if needed)

Hexenwolf, Guardian Druid


Darlain, Holy Priest

Rhianon, Restoration Shaman

Nestariel, Discipline Priest

- More needed!


Dolraan, Retribution Paladin (Can tank if needed)

Henii, Fire Mage

Ivinara, Fury Warrior (Can heal on BWR Paladin Ivinara)

Dacianna, Retribution Paladin

Finkswitch, Assassination Rogue

Imogen, Arcane Mage

Jialian, Assassination Rogue

Amaryah, Beastmaster Hunter

Arlinaria, Beastmaster Hunter

Twizzle, Arcane Mage

Scotly, Feral Druid


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Preference for warrior Ivi

Preference for warrior Ivi but I can heal on pally Ivi or ranged DPS on Elmire if we need it, they all meet the requirements.

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Jia is ready. Rhiza's still

Jia is ready. Rhiza's still <100, but I'm working on bringing her up and getting her some modern healing kit.

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Amaryah is at 633. If anyone

Amaryah is at 633. If anyone could toss multistrike enchants my way it would be appreciated; I'm just levelling my enchanter now and won't have enough mats by the weekend. I do, however, have like 200 gearspring parts if anyone needs an engineering item made.

Luksa is at 100, but I need to gear her up and practice healing first.

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That's... a lot of gearspring

That's... a lot of gearspring parts.

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Yes, yes it is. And they're

Yes, yes it is. And they're now earmarked for Fink!

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Nore is set for either

Nore is set for either tanking or healing. Rhis is not at all there yet. I think I have only 2 crafted for healing? I will check when I get home, but I know for tanking I have 3 for sure.

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Twizzle is ready, Nanny is not

Unfortunately Nanny does not meet the requirements yet for Raiding but Twizzle does (as does Galdryl).  So DPS for me this week.

Mother of the Meddlers

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Rastila is MORE than able to

Rastila is MORE than able to go.

But my preference, Nestariel, is sitting at 622ish. Arli should have my weapon by Saturday, I just need to run instances (I have all my crafted stuffs.)

EDIT: Ariel is now 628.

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Details for Ktar's mumble

Details for Ktar's mumble server, which we will be trying out tonight:


(no password required)


It will throw you a certificate error, just click OK!