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[Saphra] Crash

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It had been easy to slip out of the makeshift infirmary despite the ever-watchful eyes of the healers. She had a talent for escape, that much she had learned from her slowly returning memories. The oldest ones, the ones that ought to have been the most shadowed, were starting to reform in her mind now like splotches of clouds coming together before a storm. She could remember now -- remember! -- many similar flights out into the wilds despite her brother’s commands. She could see him too: proud and tall, eyes that rarely flashed with emotion. He scolded her for being too open with her feelings and being too forward with others. He punished her for running away from their settlements even though she always tried to explain herself. Yet she remembered loving him. The words ran through her mind - I love him even though he doesn’t understand me.

One day he will.

Finding the road out of the valley and back to her home, however, proved much more difficult. She had picked up enough to know that her village was in the neighboring province named Talador, but not enough to actually guide her there. One path took her this way, another took her the opposite way. Flowers bloomed over the hill; she had to pick them. Saphra had found herself hopelessly lost at one point, poking around a small mountain peak surrounded by lovely bogs, and then she had happened upon a small gathering. They were odd folks - mostly the exotics who had come through the portal as the healers back in Elodar had explained - but friendly. They set her back on the right path, even shared some refreshments. The meeting left her so encouraged that she practically ran the rest of the way to the border. She knew that once she looked upon her home she would remember everything. And then there would be more time for gatherings and drinks and laughter.

She smelled the smoke before she had even left the Valley. When she crossed over into Talador’s embrace, she saw its acrid plumes rising up through the forests, a harsh mark against the pale sky. The clang of blades and the boom of explosions rang in her ears. Unsure of the way and disoriented by the clamor, she followed a small group of adventurers towards what appeared to be a recently constructed outpost (although her memory, of course, was no authority on the matter). From there, she could see the sea, the horizon...  

And the docks of a smoke-scarred city. A memory rushed back at her, practically knocking her off her hooves. She had sat there so many times, dangling her hooves down towards the water, despite the protests from the guards and boatsmen. Even now, standing in this unknown outpost, she could feel the dance of the water and hear the chatter of the crowds, the creaking of the ships in the harbor. Voices. Her own voice. She was talking to someone - a child, at first, and then, as the memories enveloped her, a girl. A young woman, really; she could hear it in the wistfulness of her companion’s voice. 

Don’t you think, Mother, that the sea could go on forever and ever? I can’t imagine it ending. But I don’t mean it has to continue on in this world, under this sky. It could go on forever somewhere else - somewhere we can’t see.

I’d like to see that place, I think. The place we can’t see.

Over time, the conversations seemed to grow cooler and less fluid; even the memories felt frustrated, blocked up. Terse.

I forgot about the dress for the party, Mother. Next time I’ll remember.

No, I don’t have any friends from training I want to invite over for dinner. 

I can’t explain it to you. 

I have to go. 

I’m sorry.

In her dream-vision, she looked to her side, hoping to see her companion. She caught a flash of silver hair and a smudge of dark skin, but nothing more distinct. Just a shadow of a memory. She strained her dream-eyes harder and reached towards the shadow.

The shadow reached back. 

A face burst out of the darkness and she remembered.  And then everything began to blur, the visions, the sounds, the smells. She heard shouts around her - “Lady, you alright?” - and felt her body swaying. 

Everything went black.