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Programming for war

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Nirahsa frowned to herself as she made several more adjustments to the core. The draenei hunched over ontop of the massive machine she and her team had been constructing for the last couple of months. Mechanically it was finished but programming wise it still had issues.

The workshop in the garrison was rather quiet as most of the work was done for the day other than a few people here and there since even at night things didn’t stop they just slowed down.

“Let’s try this, yes?” She stated before connecting several wires and applying power.

“Logic failure, enemy is friendly, Friendlies are enemies” Came a rumble from the machine that carried a more feminine tone to it despite the volume.

“No no, that isn’t right at all!” Nira sighed in frustration. She’d been at this for days when she first began programming the machine like she had her other robots things had seemed to go smoothly. Then everything began breaking down first in its responses then its logic circuits and it didn’t make sense to her everything was very straightforward.  She was considering going to talk to Drogar since she knew he’d built combat robots on a smaller scale before.

Nira let out another sigh as she stood deciding she needed to get some sleep.


Her world suddenly shifted, explosions rattled around Nira causing her to jump as she saw part of the Trade District Auction House explode, Stormwind Guards fighting back against Botanii and Botanii Infested Orcs. Blinking behind her goggles in surprise and confusion before a hand grabbed Nira pulling her around the corner.

“Don’t just stand around jaw agape, you’ll get yourself killed that way, yes yes” Asharin stated, the mirror version of Nira sporting rugged leathers and brandishing a long rifle. Asharin leaned around the corner firing several shots at the botanii, removing one’s head with a round while knocking another back. “Take the flamethrower, can’t let them grow, no no!”

Nira blinked again briefly glancing at the weapon that was leaned against the wall before shaking her head, “Wait…no no, Asharin there are no fighting wars in our head!” She stated before the scene vanished replaced by an unscathed Stormwind. The Shaman turned to Asharin eyes narrowed at her.

“You just have to suck the fun out of having an imagination sometimes, yes yes.” Asharin remarked crossing her arms with a frown.

“No no, this isn’t fun!”

Asharin eyerolled, “Whatever you say.”

“What do you want Asharin I’m rather tired right now.” Nira sighed coming off a tad more short than she intended.

“What I want is to help you finish your war machine. Yes yes.”

“How can you help you’re not any better at programming than me, no no.”

“No, but my perspective is different, you’ve been ruining your own machine without realizing it Nirahsa.” She replied leaning on one hip her head tilting slightly as those yellow eyes gazed back at Nira.

“What do you mean? I’ve been giving it straightforward programming.”

“So straightforward that your heavily armed bot is essentially a pacifist because of the conflicting programming you’ve given it.” Asharin rolled her eyes.

“It’s not conflicting!”

“Attack Iron Horde Orcs, Do not Attack Orcs on sight, Disable Iron Horde War Machines, Establish one hundred percent confirmation before attacking. Weapons do not confirm affiliation, attacks do not confirm affiliation due to potential self-defense because of the big unknown war bot.” Asharin rambled on about different priorities that Nira had assigned.

“But those make sense, yes yes.”

“They make sense from a living perspective, yes. But it’s confusing as all heck for the logic circuits of a machine that requires more to the point programming. You’ve essentially told it that even if it gets attacked that it cannot even defend itself or others until establishing confirmation on the identity of the attackers.” Asharin leaned back against the wall with a shrug.

“I…I…don’t want it to kill innocents.” Nirahsa replied glancing down.

“Innocents are never spared in war,” Asharin replied more bitterly.

“I’m not programming it to kill innocents Asharin!”

“I never told you to! No no”

“Then what are you saying? Just let it loose and hope for the best? Yes yes?” Nira tossed a glare at her mirror self.

“No, what I’m saying is you have to realize your war machine won’t be flawless. War is terror and you built a machine that is designed to wage war. It can’t have kids gloves and it can’t be entirely unrestrained.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do!”

“Then let me help Nirahsa, I can program the machine to fight effectively and you can watch me every step of the way. Yes yes”

“Alright, I’ll let you try before I look for more help Asharin.” Nirahsa let out another sigh sounding defeated before she raised her head and looked back at her mirror, “I will be watching everything though.”

Asharin smiled lightly, “You won’t be disappointed Nirahsa, no no.”



Nirahsa was suddenly standing in her workshop again, gaze glancing around before she sighed and clambered off the warbot, heading towards her and Daci’s room in the garrison to get some sleep before she let Asharin get to work in the morning.