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            The wagon rolled steadily through the mud of Shadowmoon Valley. The mist had set in making the woods and hills an amazing sight for the young Dragoon. Nathalus peered out from beneath his cloak at the country side. His heart raced at the scenic landscape and the prospects of adventure. He absent mindedly ran a hand on the back of Drooler's neck. The massive Gilnean hound cocked one eye open and huffed approvingly at the young boys absent minded affection.  Nathalus smiled to himself. He was going to make Harrigan proud he thought to himself. He would make them all proud.

            "Those Alliance soldiers said you are a Dragoon. But you're too young to be a Dragoon." the young draenei girl said peering at the human boy next to her. Nathalus narrowed his eyes and looked out at her from under his cloak. "Maybe..." he pulled the tassel and let the cloak open just enough for her to see his tabard. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she saw the Dragoon crest. "You are a  Dragoon!"  she yelped causing a few nervous glances. Nathalus folded his cloak back and smiled. His eyes darted to the men doubting the boys capability. He looked back to the girl "What's your name? "

"Nayalla" she replied.

"I'm Nathalus and this big lazy monster is Drooler" The hound huffed not bothering to open his eyes this time.

She smiled. "Does he bite?"

"Nah...he's a big marshmallow. " Nathalus grinned.

            The two talked for some time as the caravan moved along the roads and made its way toward the garrison. Nayalla was overjoyed when Nathalus agreed to let her see his first edition Black Jack Dempsy action figure. She told him all about the land and things her parents had told her about growing up. Nathalus watched both her mom and dad glance over at the two from time to time. He reached into his pack and pulled out a bean bun. "Here I was saving this for the garrison but you can have it" he reached out and handed her the bun. She smiled and took the treat as a the long narrow and twisted shaft of an Iron Horde arrow pierced her directly in the chest.

            Nathalus stared in horror as Nayalla slowly reeled backward and fell into the wagon. Her parents began screaming and attempted to stop the blood flow. The wagon lurched to a halt and yelling and panic set in as the orc raiding party descended upon them. Nathalus stared at her watched and felt the full wave of emotion engulf him. He did not notice the tears beginning to well up in his eyes or the chaos surrounding him. Drooler nudged him again and again but the boy stood frozen in time staring at the young girl dying before him. The last of the light faded from her eyes and Nathalus lip quivered in grief.

            And the horn blew loud across the rolling orc war horn loud and true. It jostled the young Dragoon back to the world, and he turned his head slowly to the wolves and riders approaching. His grief stricken heart began to beat faster and faster as each passing nanosecond the grief began to turn to rage. He hopped off the wagon and stepped past the few soldiers who were preparing to stand their ground.  He swung back his cloak and un-slung the Nesingwary 4000. He sighted the first rider and let fly a round that split the orcs head in two. He walked forward not flinching at the screaming that rushed into his ears. He fired again....and again and again...and again...reload. Again....and again...his rage now fully enveloped he missed the large dire wolf charging from his right gaping maw about to take his life...until Drooler caught the wolf full charge by the throat and downed it before it could kill the boy. The screaming wouldn't stop and an arrow just missed his head as he continually fired and fired, dropping raider after raider until he finally exhausted all his ammo. At was at the moment the screaming faded and he realized it was his him the whole time.


            His face flushed with tears and agony he dropped his gun and sank to his knees staring out across the field at a sea of dead orcs. Drooler whimpered and put his head against the boys shoulder as he shared his pain. He lifted his arm to his mouth and pushed the com button with trembling hands..." d..dead..." his voice broken and pain racked. 


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"There's no glory or honor

"There's no glory or honor here, kiddo. Just dying--us and them. But for what little it's worth, the old man probably will be proud of how many you killed."

((Poor Nath; what an introduction to war and Draenor.))