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[Gozo] Treats for Friends: The Fireclaw Sisters

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The garrison was quiet at this time of night. Most of the Dragoons were fast asleep in their bunks, no doubt exhausted from the day’s events. Draenor was a very beautiful planet, but that beauty was only skin deep as right below the surface were fierce challenges that natives and visitors endured daily. While Gozo had only encountered a few of these challenges on his trips to the Elodar fields to do trade with the farmers he heard plenty from those coming back from the farthest reaches of Draenor.

It was why, when the Garrison was quiet, that Gozo continued to toil in the kitchen. Gozo knew full well the effects a well timed meal can have on a persons spirits; he saw plenty of smiles on weary faces when they sat in the mess hall with a heaping helping of savory meats and vegetables teasing their palette with delicious aromas. These special treats however will be for those he knew were leading the assault; the ones who strode fearlessly into the lion’s den to fight evil where it dwell.

Gozo held the last cherry delicately between forefinger and thumb claws in the simmering bowl of liquid chocolate. He spun the fruit slowly to coat the entire gleaming red surface in delectably dark chocolate that held an added surprise. Gozo knew full well the Fireclaw sister’s joy of tinkering, and how that tinkering often lead to explosions of some kind. So hidden in the creamy smooth coating are flecks of crystalline candy, that when eaten, will add a certain exciting fizzle and pop.

Gozo pulled the cherry out from the chocolate and smiled as he inspected it. Perfectly layered, of course, and sat the cherry treat with the two dozen others. Her picked up a piping back in his large paws and waited for the chocolate to cool and set. After that, with a gentle squeeze, added a drizzle of chocolate across the tops to give it a fancier look. Gozo hummed to himself as he pictured in his mind how happy the Fireclaws would be on receiving the treats he decided to call Cherry Bombs.