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[Lai-Ning]Little Thoughts...

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Every so often, something odd occurred in her little head.

It could be in the middle of studying….during a meeting…..or even if she was just climbing into bed at night.

A little niggling in the back of her head, that kept growing…and growing…

Until the thought bubbled up, spreading to infect her whole brain.

"….I have a -boyfriend-."

Usually accompanied by a rush of heat to her face, her ears twitching madly.

"…Gozo….is my boyfriend!"

Most times, she had to hide her face until the feeling passed.

But every time, it left her glowing for the rest of the day.


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((This made me smile, it's

((This made me smile, it's too freaking adorable!))

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((Lai, I am dead of adorbz. I

((Lai, I am dead of adorbz. I hope you're happy.))

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(( Our hearts can't repel

(( Our hearts can't repel adorableness of this magnitude! ))

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