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[Moon'ori] Something for the Trip

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Moon'ori gazed at the Dark Portal nervously. It was her first assignment ever it was okay for her to be nervous right? She`d be a fool if she didn`t felt like that... or so the knight-instructor and Jormund would say. She tapped her hooves together as she searched through her belongings making sure everything was in place.

"Umm... right, tools, provisions, libram, a blanket, rope..." she checked her mental list over and over again trying to make sure she wasn`t forgetting anything. 

She was doomed if she forgot something. She eyed Khadgar for a moment, he looked tense just like the others around him. Clearly it was almost time. For her efforts on the front the Cathedral gave her much more freedom as she had proven herself a reliable paladin... -Paladin- not a vindicator... not with her father`s blessing. Moon'ori tapped her hoof angrily at the memory of his step-father and how he was instrumental during the trials and how he stood against her every time she applied. 

"Stupid, jerk, son of a..." 

"Someone I know?" asked a voice behind her. She recognized it immediately.

"Jormund!" Moon'ori turned around surprised and hugged him "What are you doing here?"

"I came to wish you luck." the blonde smiled patting her on the shoulder "Also there`s someone who wanted to see you before you left."

Aligsdaar and Temlaa stood behind Jormund, each smiling widely at Moon'ori as they approached. Temlaa stepped forward and hugged Moon'ori and kissed her forehead and handed her a small packet containing six cinnamon sticky buns.

"Your favorites" she said "Try to ration them and stay close to your belongings at all times, keep your companions in mind as they will do the same with. If it gets too hot remember to stay hydrated in every opportonity you have, I enchanted your flask to adapt to outside temperatures to keep liquids either hot or cold so..."

"I know mom, I`ll be fine." said Moon'ori trying to supress a giggle

Temlaa sighed and hugged her daughter again.

"We`ll await your return." she said "Dad has something for you too." 

Moon'ori turned to Aligsdaar as he took a deep breath and approached. They exchanged looks at each other and remained silent for a moment. Moon'ori wasn't really in the mood for hugs coming from him, he was aware of that. He smiled weakly and handed her his present.

"I... uh er... take it." he mumbled a nervously

Moon'ori took the packet reluctantly, it was light, clothing probably. What kind of stupid thing was he thinking when...

The young draenei blinked her eyes with surprised as she found the crest of the Hand of Argus on a blue background, she quickly extended it. A tabard. She looked up at him.

"... It`s not official... yet, but after the trials you faced here I uh-OOF!" he was cut off as Moon'ori ran up and hugged him tightly. 

"You jerk!" she said as her voice broke "How am I supposed to stay mad at you now?!"

"I know, I`m sorry." he said hugging her back.

As they separated Aligsdaar helped her daughter try the tabard on, she looked down and bounced happily on her hooves smiling and the three locked in an embraced that lasted until Khadgar`s voice boomed over the camp.

"This is our chance. Storm the Portal!!"

Mo clenched her jaw and forced herself to let go and without looking back ran towards the red portal joining the rest of the Dragoons and Meddlers.