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The Ritual

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Auchindoun. The City of the Dead for draenei. It was a big temple/fortress where the draenei anchorites or “auchenai” prepared the bodies and souls of those who passed for their last journey into the beyond all the while the vindicators stood guard along with the Vigilants. Colossal constructs, one would call them Auchindoun “automated defenses” but there’s more of them than that. They were great heroes once, their souls preserved in the Vigilants to stand guard for all eternity against anyone who dared lay siege on this sacred place.

Jormund sat in the center of a small vaulted chamber, it looked like a spaced usually used for meditation and such, the lighting and the whole ambiance was very soothing, crystals were the only source of light and the soft hum of the wind echoed within it. 

It was unnerving.

He tapped his feet impatiently as the priests were preparing themselves. He glanced the shield, the ancestors were awfully quiet. Were they angry at him? They did make an unanimous vote. He asked them to kill themselves. It was normal if they weren’t in a talkative mood. The green gem glowed steadily with a dim light. Truly they weren’t on a talkative mood. Eyeing the vigilant standing close to him. It was an empty husk. He lacked what the others already had. A soul. And his ancestors would be sacrificed in order for him to live and Auchindoun gain another sentry. 

It was unfair.

He felt like a coward. He shouldn’t have let Rhiswyn mess with his shield. He would’ve died in the next 20 years if an orcish axe to the face didn’t do the job. 

Apparently it not only housed the memories of his ancestors but also the soul of a purified Eredar, probably a weapon meant to be used against the trolls during the Troll Wars back when the Alliance was just in its infancy. A weapon nobody could wield without consequence. Such power would drive a lesser mind to destroy itself, Zalgradis Rhane was one who could endure the maddening shield over the years but still, he died at a young age. Even for human standards. From that the cycle repeated itself, one by one the firstborn of every generation in the Rhane family perished, their minds consumed by the power of the shield. Jormund was not going to be any different. It was the half-elf priestess, poking through the paladin`s mind that led them to the discovery of the Eredar sealed within the shield. After consulting with the auchenai priests they agreed that the best way to preserve the knowledge and save Jormund`s life was to merge the Eredar soul along with the memories of the ancestors and seal it within one of their Vigilants. Everyone agreed this was the only viable option. 

Soulbinder Tuulani approached with a gentle smile offering him a cup of a steaming liquid… it looked like tea but the sparkling blue color suggested otherwise.

"It`s for the cold." she said "To clear your mind and calm yourself."

"Thank you."Jormund shook his head politely.

"You are about to be used as a conduit for more than a thousand years of memories pass through your mind. Trust me commander Rhane. You`ll need it."

Giving up completely he took the cup from her and took a sip.

"Also, I`m sorry. It seems our people make the same mistake in every timeline."

"To err is human, soulbinder." he said absentmindedly sipping on the blue drink, it was truly working. He stopped tapping his foot at least…

"it is draenei as well it seems."

They both chuckled for a moment, Tuulani bowed her head and left the room as one of the soulpriests approached.

"Ser Rhane, we are ready to begin."

Jormund nodded. “Let`s get on with it.”